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New City Cat Terminal Design

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Funded by the state and federal governments, Brisbane is set to have a new uniform City Cat terminal design following a nation wide design competition. The design competition was shortlisted to three key designs by:

1) Cox Rayner, Derlot, Aurecon (Winner)

2) Shane Thompson Architects & Lat27 (with Bill Short Engineers)

3) Candalpas Associates, Richards and Spence, Owen and Vokes, Arup

The cutting-edge design integrates technical innovation, flood resilience and elegant form to deliver terminals that will be iconic features of our river city.

The design:

  • features a single pontoon structure tethered to a single up-stream pier that deflects debris away from the pontoon
  • uses a gangway that can be detached, rotated and secured parallel to the pontoon in the event of a flood to avoid floating debris being trapped
  • delivers passengers a more direct engagement with the Brisbane river and its landscape
  • creates public places for travellers to enjoy which are ‘within’ the river, making it a place to inhabit as well as travel
  • is easily adapted to suit each terminal location
  • is ecologically sensitive, utilising recycled materials, solar collectors and water harvesting

The winning consortium will be awarded a contract as consulting architect to the terminal rebuilding program and will work with Brisbane City Council throughout the process, with the construction process expected to begin by October 2011.

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