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APPROVED: Action Group Australia which is a private holdings company for Middle East investment funds is proposing to build a 27 level hotel tower, managed by the Novotel group. 

When complete, this will be Brisbane’s third Novotel hotel after the recent completion of Novotel’s Brisbane Airport hotel.

The site is situated on Elizabeth street and also boarders on George street. The tower has originally undergone three different designs prior to this latest design and will preserve the current heritage listed facades on Elizabeth street which will also be illuminated at night by LED lighting.

The building will utilise it’s position in the skyline by adding Novotel signage on the top level of the tower, while the north-eastern facing elevation of the building will feature pixilated urban artwork.

The tower is expected to achieve a 4-star hotel rating while supplying much needed hotel space to Brisbane’s CBD. All day dinning as well as a bar and meeting room facilities will be provided. Check back here for the latest news on this project’s approval status.

DA: A002074560

Images of the proposal are located below. Click to enlarge.

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