New Application Submitted for Buranda Transit Oriented Development

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Architectural rendering of Buranda TOD

An updated development application has been submitted for the construction of four towers by Wee Hur for the Buranda transit-oriented mixed-use development.

Designed by Woods Bagot, the application details future stages 2 through to 5 of what is a completely mixed-use project consisting of four new towers of varying heights and would complete the Buranda TOD.

Stage 2 of the development is referred to in the development application as ‘The Terraces’, which would be a new residential tower of 287 apartments and resident’s recreation deck on the podium level. This tower is proposed to be 28 levels high.

Architectural rendering of ‘The Terraces’ residential tower at Buranda TOD
Architectural rendering of ‘The Canopy’ student accommodation tower at Buranda TOD

Stage 3 tower, located adjacent to the existing Park Central Unilodge student accommodation towers located in plot 1, is known as ‘The Canopy’ and would be another 26 storey student accommodation tower and include 564 rooms.

Stage 4 is a commercial office tower known in the application as ‘The Pavilion’. This tower has 6,026m2 of GFA and would be 7 storeys high.

Architectural rendering of ‘The Pavilion’ commercial tower at Buranda TOD

Stage 5, the final stage of the TOD is planned to be a residential aged care building known as ‘Garden House’ and includes 130 rooms and would be 7 storeys tall.

Architectural rendering of ‘Garden House’ aged care building at Buranda TOD

Additionally, a series of subtropical ground-level public spaces are proposed with Tributary lane, an intimate retail laneway proposed for the corner of Logan Road as well as a number of urban commons, pedestrian boulevards and trails planned for throughout the precinct.

According to the development application, the project represents a significant investment in Stones Corner and the Woolloongabba area that aims to bolster the livability of the area, provide employment opportunity, housing choice and somewhere to age in place.

“The proposed development represents a quantum shift in the traditional TOD offer, with public benefit being a cornerstone of the development ethos.” – Urbis

The site which is wedged between two major transit hubs, the Buranda Train and Busway Stations, is built on top of the Eastern Busway itself and aims to encourage the incorporation of Stage 2 into the existing Stage 1.

Architects Woods Bagot plan to do this by creating new cross-block linkages, contributing to direct pedestrian connectivity between the two precincts.

Project rundown

  • Heights: Residential stage 2 (28 levels high, RL 101.5m). Student accomodation stage 3 (26 levels high, RL 93.5m). Commercial office stage 4 (7 levels high, RL 41.7m). Aged care stage 5 (7 levels high, RL 35.6m)
  • ‘The Terraces’ – Multiple Dwelling: Total of x287 residential apartments. x101 one bedroom apartments, x140 two bedroom apartments, x45 three bedroom apartments, x1 four bedroom penthouse. Proposed GFA of 28,374m2 (44.00% of Stage 2 eastern precinct). Total proposed communal open space is 1,561m2. Proposed total car parking is x349 spaces, consisting of 306 resident car spaces and 43 visitor spaces.
  • ‘The Canopy’ – Student Accommodation: Total of x564 rooms. Gross Floor Area 19,414m2. Total proposed communal open Space is 995m2. Proposed car parking is x73 spaces within Basement Levels 2 and 3.
  • ‘The Pavilion’ – Commercial Office: Gross Floor Area of 6,026m2. Proposed car parking is x82 spaces.
  • ‘Garden House’ – Residential Care Facility: 130 beds (26 beds per floor on Level 3-7). Gross Floor Area is 7,322m2. Proposed car parking is x22, including 2 drop-off spaces.
  • The delivery of Stage 2 Buranda TOD precinct is proposed to occur in five sub-stages starting with the car park works, ground level plaza and The Boulevard retail tenancies.

A total of 9,315m2 of landscaped area is planned, including 2,650m2 of planting within the ground plane.

Ground level public realm

  • Tributary Laneways: provision of a feature tree grove that provides visual connection to Norman Creek, subtropical planting, and outdoor dining area.
  • The Boulevard: provision of shade trees, shared zone for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, and deep soil planting.
  • The Urban Common: a lush subtropical space forming an extension of Norman Creek that comprises a mix of break out spaces for different user groups and events, arbour structure, green cascading terrace with integrated seating, cascading water stair, garden lounges, half ball court, and flexible performance stage.
  • The Trail: timber boardwalk, dense native subtropical deep planting, arbour structure, and terraced landscape.
Proposed site of Buranda TOD

Proposed plans

Appx H - Proposed Plans 5


This new application replaces a previous development application which featured more of a residential apartment oriented scheme known as Park Central.

Architectural rendering of previous development application known as Park Central

Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005806443.

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  • Generally looks like a good development for this location. Though I want to check the plans again for walking access and permeability, especially to the train station.
    Though given it’s location next to a train station, 100m from a bus station, and a quality bikeway leading to the city, why so few bicycle parking spaces and why so many car parking spaces?

  • Sadly Brisbane is faced with more of these Ikea Flat Pack style future Slums……My only interest is the effect on Heritage within the area….EG; The Broadway Hotel 7 the full restoration of one o f Brisbanes FEW remaining iconic historical buildings.

  • That Roundabout intersection is going to need a major overhaul. It is a complex 5-way intersection with several blind spots, limited space and high throughput. It is so over-capacity for the intersection type already that there are going to be some major accidents here if we shuffle any more people into the area. Right turns from Junction St onto the roundabout, and right turns from Logan Rd onto Cleveland St absolutely need to be addressed.

  • Don’t think Wee Hur is a reliable developer. Judging by its previous performance, it will tell us one story and then do nothing for a decade, to come up with some other, even more monstrous monstrosity…

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