Multiplex to Commence Construction on ‘The One’ Next Month

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Artist's impression of 'The One' at Brisbane Quarter

Multiplex has been chosen by developer Shayher Group to build the third and final residential tower known as ‘The One’ of the Brisbane Quarter precinct.

Construction on the $300 million 84 storey residential tower will begin next month and will complete the transformation of the key inner Brisbane CBD site when complete in late 2021.

“As the builder of Brisbane Quarter’s two other buildings, we’re delighted that Shayher Group has selected us to build ‘The One’,” said Multiplex Regional Managing Director Graham Cottam.

“This has been a truly five star project to be involved with and one which is cementing Brisbane’s position as Australia’s new world city.”

Encompassing an entire city block and just metres away from the under construction Queens Wharf development, Brisbane Quarter includes the soon to open 34 storey ‘W Brisbane’ hotel as well as a 42 storey commercial tower ‘300 George’ due for completion in mid-2019.

Aerial image of Brisbane Quarter in Brisbane’s CBD

“In just a few short weeks the doors will be open on the W Brisbane, Brisbane Quarter’s first building, bringing a new level of luxury and leisure to the city,” Mr Cottam said.

“It’s a stunning building, and one we have been proud to build for Shayher Group.

“Together with 300 George and The One, we know we are building a five star destination for Brisbane and something that we will all be proud of.”

Formerly the site of the Supreme Court of Queensland, the Brisbane Quarter precinct occupies 7,892 square metres of prime riverfront inner-city land and fronts North Quay, George, Adelaide and Ann Streets.

Artist’s impression of new W Hotel

“It’s amazing to see how this development has already changed Brisbane’s CBD,” Mr Cottam said.

“Just a few years ago as the site of the former Supreme Court of Queensland this site was not particularly inviting for the general public to say the least.

“Shayher Group deserves to be congratulated to their bold vision to create a truly world leading destination for people to work, rest and play in Brisbane.”

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  • Your buildings that you believe are so wonderful are ruining our cities. They create wind tunnels, permanently shaded areas and do not improve the skyline by adding to them. Don’t imagine in your love for these building developments that everybody else loves them too.

    • Well, I live here too and these buildings are definitely improving the inner city appearance in my view. Also I havent noticed any particular issue with “wind tunnels” as claimed and I work in the city. I remember well how Brisbane looked only a couple years back, and it was emblematic of the backward attitude commonly still associated with QLD. Its overdue this city arrives in the 21st century and this is happening now. There’s always plenty of opportunities up north if you wish to continue living in a town, not a city.

      • You are very lucky that you are not affected by wind tunnels as many residents are – you might also be one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to put up with the never ending noise of building works immediately to the left of you and immediately in front of you for 3 years – not to mention the endless night works for months on end… only to be doubly punished once they’re finished by these buildings blocking out the light to your unit and feeling like you live in a fish bowl where the only way you’ll have any privacy is to shut your blinds therefore imprisoning yourself in your own home. In England they have very strict laws about not overlooking neighbours when constructing – obviously that doesn’t apply here. Every time a new building arises 100’s of units that have been negatively affected have dropped in value – so where do you go from here?

        • Maybe you shouldn’t LIVE IN THE CITY THEN!

          Seriously, move to the suburbs if you’re going to be a NIMBY.

    • Given our climate, permanently shaded areas are a godsend for at least 9 months of the year when the temperature hovers around 30 degrees. Anything that keeps that cruel sun off is a blessed relief.

      The appearance is obviously a subjective matter, but in my opinion its an enhancement to the skyline.

    • Julie, if you don’t like buildings maybe you should move out of a city that has a population of 2 million people. This is the real world.

  • In addition to a Progressive City that will create mass employment, tourism which adds to Cultural Enrichment, you encourage all this communication. Who’d have thought strangers could engage in Robust Banter without causing any harm.
    Personal I embrace the progress and development this City undergoing. I think the planning has allowed time to prevent “Construction Crowding” mistakes that other Cities experience. The Vision of Brisbane is a Healthy and Accessibly Interactive City. I too remember the tallest Building Town Hall, it’s the case in every city. I also remember being a child, point is everything develops. Well done everyone for INTERACTING!!

  • Brisbane city is growing into stunning world class precinct.If you don’t like it pack up your keyboard move on !

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