Mixed-Use Development Proposed for Eagle Terrace, Auchenflower

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Architectural rendering of 133 Eagle Terrace, Auchenflower development

A development application has been submitted by Lantona 2 Pty Ltd for a mixed-use 36 apartment development located at 133 Eagle Terrace, 4 Grimes Street & 7 Ridley Street, Auchenflower.

Designed by Ellivo Architects, the development would provide a mix of 2 & 3 bedroom apartments across 12 storeys.

The unique site features three street frontages. To the north-east of the site, a 12+roof level residential building is proposed and on the south-west of the site, a shorter 7 storey commercial building is proposed.

According to the development application the proposed development represents a high-quality architectural design, with generous landscaping, communal and private open space areas.

The proposal seeks to provide 236m2 of high-quality communal open space consisting of leisure deck, swimming pool and grass areas on the roof of the residential building.

Architectural rendering of 133 Eagle Terrace, Auchenflower development
Architectural rendering of 133 Eagle Terrace, Auchenflower development

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 1,566m2
  • Height: 12+rooftop / RL 54.9
  • Apartments: x3 two bedroom apartments, x32 three bedroom apartments, x1 four bedroom apartment (x36 apartments in total)
  • Elevators: x1 lift in each building. Lift-to-unit ratio is 1:36
  • Retail: A small 16.2m2 cafe is proposed below the commercial building
  • Communal Space: Rooftop recreation deck with pool, sun deck, bbq area and seating areas
  • Car Parking: x89 resident car spaces, x10 commercial spaces and x9 visitor spaces (x108 spaces in total)
  • Bike Parking:
  • Developer: Lantona 2 Pty Ltd
  • Architect: Ellivo
  • Landscape Design: Laud Ink
  • Town Planner: Town Planning Alliance
  • Sustainability: Plantings on roof and podium. Water harvesting on rooftops. No provision for rooftop solar PV system.
  • Date Submitted: 19/10/2022




Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005805334.

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  • That smaller building (as a commercial tenancy only tower) has some serious parking issues if they expect more than one company to take up a lease. Parking back-to-back in a building with limited parking spots…. let the gladiatorial battles begin. Also, forget about visitors driving and parking on-premises, it’s the train for you…

    As an aside -how much would the land negotiations have cost for this project? There’s two houses (easy purchase) as well as a 6-unit complex being resumed to make way for this development. Here’s hoping the last land (or unit) holder held out and made a fortune!

  • Just another example of the USLESS town plan . No purchase of property in Brisbane is safe from money hungry developers. Your suburb , your street , your house will be next. What has OUR wonderful council er done to support the residents in this area . Nothing ,
    The streets in this area cannot handle the current traffic.T he wonderful bike pavilion at Auchenflower station has NEVER been used in 2 years. You would risk your life riding a bike anywhere in this suburb.

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