Metro Proposes Five New Towers for Newstead

Artist's impression

A new DA has been submitted for a large parcel of land between Ann and Stratton Street in Newstead by Metro Property Group.

The proposed development is to be constructed over five stages and comprises of 922 apartments across five buildings of up to 20 storeys. Retail tenancies comprising in the order of 450m2 gross floor area are proposed at ground level.

The development has been designed by Cox Rayner Architects.

Artist’s impression

Apartments are split in the following stages:

Tower 1:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 65
  • 2 Bed apartments: 75
  • 3 Bed apartments: 2

Tower 2:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 102
  • 2 Bed apartments: 85

Tower 3:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 110
  • 2 Bed apartments: 106

Tower 4:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 102
  • 2 Bed apartments: 85

Tower 5:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 115
  • 2 Bed apartments: 72

Total development:

  • 1 Bed apartments: 494
  • 2 Bed apartments: 423
  • 3 Bed apartments: 2
Artist’s impression
Artist’s impression

Stage 1 includes a level 16 roof top terrace which accommodates BBQ facilities, gym, function room and other gathering spaces.

The following four stages include an extensive recreational terrace at the top of the podium which is designed to facilitate connectivity between the four stages. Other features of this central garden area include:

  • A range of pools including a plunge pool, lap pool and lagoon with an artificial beach
  • A variety of private rooms and reading nooks
  • Interconnecting walkways and lagoon decking
  • BBQ facilities and gathering spaces
  • Sun decks and lawns.

Architectural Statement:

The initial stage of Newstead Central is a residential tower with an activated retail ground plane, the catalyst component of a broader master planned development on the site bounded by ann, longlands, Stratton Streets and commercial road in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley urban renewal precinct.

The site is adjacent to the existing Watpac commercial building and the existing heritage listed Waterloo hotel and is subject to a range of existing conditions, including a single level existing basement its associated structural column grid and driveway entry point, and the existing cross-block-link and pre-dedicated car-parking spaces.

The design as proposed accommodates a residential tower of 142 apartments and a stand-alone single storey feature retail tenancy space to activate the ann St frontage and act as the gateway element reinforcing the existing cross-block link and providing an appropriately scaled response to the adjacent Waterloo hotel.

Artist’s impression

The proposal is appropriately scaled to its setting, indeed is lower in height than allowable under the code, being eleven storeys of occupied apartment levels plus a rooftop garden, 3 storeys of screened podium car park, and a ground level activated through retail and entry lobbies.

The tower form of the building is highly articulated into a series of smaller elements to provide appropriate scale and massing as a residential environment.

The devices employed include horizontal and vertical sun-blades and ledges with variable positions from floor to floor.

The façade facing south to the city is sculpted to allow a captured ‘urban-scaled’ outdoor room containing 3 x significant trees as a distinct sky-garden statement visible to the internal mews as formed between the Watpac building and Stage 1.

The higher levels of the tower facing the city protrude above the existing Watpac building profile and at this point, distinctively shaped alternating balconies are introduced, providing a recognisable sculptural ‘top’ to the building which is purposely different in form to the main tower body.

The rooftop garden and recreation space is provided for residents to use and will enjoy direct views back to the CBD.

A lightweight roof structure is provided at this level which echoes the folded geometries elsewhere on the façades, providing a strong and sculptural silhouette presence on the skyline.

The DA number for this development is (A003906394).

Map of proposed development


  1. i hope the DA includes sufficient carparks for this large development?
    There is a total of 494 1 brm apartments planned. Many of these new apartment developments do not provide any where near enough car parking spaces and many 1brm apartments are sold without a car park, and more often than not, are sold to investors who rent out the apartments often to a young couple, each with their own car. This places huge problems on the surrounding streets when all these tenants move in and there just isnt the car parking in the development nor surrounding streets to take this huge influx of residents & cars

  2. Hmmmm, all these apartments DAs. I hope the council knows that building only apartments is not the complete picture.

    There needs to be the right ratio of commercial, retail to apartments in that area otherwise:

    1) We end up with a lot of apartments but most of them are empty because there are not enough jobs in the area to make it worth living there.

    2) People end up travelling across to the city to work instead of working nearby. Whats the point in living in an apartment when you still need to commute in car/bus to your destination.

  3. nice development, looks stunning (weather hate it or not. lol)
    suits the area well thumbs up!

    1) i wouldn’t worry about empty homes because of Australia’s growth rate and lack of homes so i don think this will be a problem any time soon as for “not enough jobs to make it worth living there” tell that the the majority of aussie’s who live out in the burbs.

    2) even if they have to commute to work a long distance its still better than them living out in the sticks (according to common scene and simple logistics) and HEY” people gotta live somwhere

  4. What a lovely original colourful design. I love how inventive the artchitects bent the roof over the entry like origami. Wow. If this building is as beautiful as mosaic boy are we in for a visual treat.


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