Metro Properties looks to the sky with two new projects


Metro Properties is set to kickstart major urban rejuvenation projects which will see Bowen Hills become a place of interest.

Brisbane’s newest property development company Metro Properties has submitted proposals for two towers in the ULDA controlled Bowen Hills Urban Development Area (UDA).

The towers which are located next to each other on Mayne Road and Campbell Street in Bowen Hills signify the start of a complete transformation of the currently desolate area. Light commercial and industry make up this area of Bowen Hills which has been zoned as a UDA area due to its close proximity to Bowen Hills Station and the CBD. 

The height of 37 Mayne tower exceeds the 24 storey height limit set by the ULDA, however it was suggested by the ULDA Design Panel that the addition of two storeys over this height at the front of the tower would greatly assist in creating the slenderness factor required by such tall buildings, while street level activation is maximised by the introduction of five boutique retail and food outlets.

This 242 dwelling tower has two different building forms, the West Tower form is taller with a dramatic coloured metallic skin. This form protrudes over the Edgar Street laneway to create a dynamic streetscape and creates and iconic landmark for Bowen Hills. The East Tower form is wrapped in a horizontal precast masonry with randomly coloured highlights facing North and South.

29-35 Campbell Street which can be seen in the top three images below, is a 286 dwelling, 30 storey high tower which also accommodates 5 small to large retail outlets on ground level. The Campbell Street property is designed by ML Design while 37 Mayne is designed by Bureau Proberts.

Images of the proposed developments are located below:


  1. Very nice, approved, next. I have to agree about looking slender, you need extra height. Good case to put forward, if it was just a box it would not have cut grass.

  2. I don’t think bowenhills needs to become over developed with towers. The present tower under contruction is leans southward and is an eye sore and a fire risk. It is mojority owned by overseas investers.who will never come to this country.The impact this tower will have is an increased crime wave. London has been knocking these towers down and build low denscity housing. Which has decreased crime and lifted value to there districts. Shame on Brisbane City Council and State government to allow such an eyesore to be built. Bowenhills is not the valley or city. It is the home to some of Brisbane oldest historic buildings.Home to a beautiful polish church. Also home to some of society most disadvantaged mental health and physical health needs. We don’ need anymore towers. Bowen hills also has a hi workforce. I say no to hi rise. You want to build hi rise go to Dubai.


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