Marriott Hotel Brisbane to Expand

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The Marriott Hotel Brisbane has submitted a new DA to add an additional 23 hotel room to it’s Queen Street address.

The Commonwealth Properties Hotel Fund has yesterday lodged a DA detailing plans to extend the Art Deco inspired Marriott Hotel tower. The new extension will include a new podium, function and storage facilities, gym, rooftop terrace as well as 23 additional hotel rooms (one per floor). New signage will also be erected on the front facing side of the tower and on the new podium extension. The restaurant will also undergo an expansion. The expanded area, shown below is made of high quality glass and will not obstruct any views. 

The DA number for this application is: A003064950

The new extension is a result of Brisbane’s strong hotel market which has seen a lack of new supply in the CBD for over a decade. The vacancy rate has been hovering around 80-85% since december last year. While in a Deloitte occupancy global ranking survey in 2008, Brisbane was ranked #4 globally for high occupancy rates, since that survey, no major hotel construction has been undertaken.

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  • This glass wall will add much needed glamour to one of Brisbane’s ugliest and most ridiculous buildings, I really hope it goes ahead.

  • Glass the whole thing in and be done with it, why bother building a art deco building if your just going to get bored with it over time. That little dome on top is not art deco by the way.

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