BCC Unveils Kurilpa Master Plan

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Kurilpa Masterplan

The Brisbane City Council has unveiled its draft master plan for Kurilpa which provides a framework for transforming more than 25 hectares of land and one kilometre of river frontage to create a world class riverfront destination featuring accommodation, public space, cultural facilities and culinary experiences.

The Lord Mayor said extensive community feedback would be sought during the next six weeks until Friday, 3 October. Council would consider the community’s view before confirming a final direction and framework for the master plan in late 2014.

Cr Quirk said Kurilpa would see a doubling of the amount of public space for the community and the draft plan included a new large one hectare riverfront park with plans to close and reclaims Riverside Drive for parkland.

Artist’s impression of riverfront area

“Kurilpa is Council’s next step in building a vibrant riverside culture in Brisbane and follows on from successful redevelopments of industrial waterfront land at Newstead and Teneriffe,” he said.

Key aspects of the new plan:

  • A major new cultural facility (museum or gallery)
  • New high frequency public transport route
  • Urban playground running underneath the Merivale Bridge viaduct
  • A new city cat terminal
  • Park, riverfront amphitheatre
  • Closure of Riverside Drive to pedestrianise and expand existing parkland
  • Increased building densities to cater for Brisbane’s fast growing population

“This draft plan proposes to double the amount of public space in Kurilpa and triple the number of connections to the river, welcoming 11,000 new residents and delivering 8,000 new jobs at the project’s completion.

“The draft Kurilpa Master Plan was prepared using feedback received from the River’s Edge Strategy and City Centre Master Plan consultation opportunities in 2013.”

The draft document describes the area as a “century-old industrial precinct, which Brisbane has long outgrown”.

But it also plans to respect the area’s heritage with chimney stacks, industrial relics and the heritage-listed Steward and Lloyd’s factory wall built in 1937 to be retained.

Three neighbourhoods are on the plans — a creative hub for cultural and commercial interests plus two residential precincts: an esplanade space with ground floor dining areas and a quieter riverside garden area with boating facilities and fishing spots.

Artist’s impression of retail

Council Vision:

A short walk from the CBD, Kurilpa will be a new riverfront destination, a sophisticated inner-city community with a mix of contemporary apartments, state-of-the-art offices and world-class cultural venues.

It will be a place to shop, dine, visit and celebrate. A natural extension of the Queensland Cultural Precinct, it will be an incubator of ideas and a powerhouse of creativity.

Kurilpa will capture the rhythm and spirit of Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle, opening up an entire one kilometre of riverfront to the people for play, relaxation and civic events.

Showcasing the best in contemporary design, Kurilpa will retain strong links to its rich heritage. Chimney stacks and industrial relics will stand as landmarks to the past.

Kurilpa will celebrate the best of our river city.

Artist’s impression of Kurilpa Riverfront
Aerial of Kurilpa area

For more information on the draft master plan, visit www.kurilparenewal.com.au.

360° of Kurilpa Precinct:


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  • Although I can see benefits in using Kurilpa for non-industrial purposes I am concerned the parklands on the plan are very limited and the heights of proposed development is too high.
    I would be happier to see a wider parkland extending the Southbank parklands which I use with my grandchildren often.

  • I like the master plan however, putting a high rise right across the street of a low rise residential is a big no for me (refer to the buildings in Peel Street). The height of the building will block the sunlight and affect the air flow of the other residential buildings. Please consider the residents apartments living in vicinity and work out a better plan that takes into consideration of the neighbouring residents. Thank you.

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  • I love the idea of “commercial and cultural interests” being included. I would hope they make up the majority of the water/park frontage. They are a less intrusive observer of public space in my view, compared to hundreds of apartments.

    South Brisbane has been, and still is home to much commercial office space. If this were to continue along with the areas improving image of a place to live, I think South Brisbane/Kurilpa could be a Mix-development role model for the rest of the country.

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