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Joe Adsett Architects Propose 15 Storey ‘River Arc’ for Kangaroo Point

Architectural rendering of Joe Adsett Architecture's 'River Arc'
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A development application has been submitted by developer-architect Joe Adsett Architects for a 15 storey residential building located at 44 O’Connell Street, Kangaroo Point.

Known as ‘River Arc’, the proposed $85 million development is situated on a 1,186m2 north-east facing riverfront site.

The project comprises of 14 four bedroom full level ‘sky homes’, each ranging from 300m2 to 550m2 each including large functional private open spaces accessible from the main living areas.

Architect Joe Adsett said they have deliberately chosen to limit the density of the development to 14 sky homes in order to differentiate their offering from other projects in the area.

Architectural rendering of Joe Adsett Architecture’s ‘River Arc’
Architectural rendering of Joe Adsett Architecture’s ‘River Arc’

“As a practice specialising in luxury residential architecture, we have seen incredible growth in the Brisbane super prime residential market.”

“We believe the market has quickly matured to the point it will accept a project of this nature and to that end we have readily chosen to under develop the site from its potential density to focus on a boutique one per floor offering.” – Joe Adsett from Joe Adsett Architects.

Architectural rendering of Joe Adsett Architecture’s ‘River Arc’

Project rundown

  • Site area: 1,196m2
  • Apartments: x14 four bedroom full-floor apartments
  • Height: 15 storeys / 64.6m
  • Car Parking: x42 car spaces, including: 39 x residential car spaces, 3 x visitor car spaces
  • Bicycle spaces: x18 bicycle spaces including x14 resident spaces
  • Site Cover: Total Site Cover: 454m2 (39.5%). Site Cover at levels 1 – 14: 356m2 (29.7%)
  • Communal Open Space: 161m2 (13.4%)
  • Lifts: x2
  • The unit at level 14 also has access to the landscape roof terrace, which includes an outdoor dining, lounge area and pool.
  • Landscape architecture by Form
Buildings that breathe identity statement

The development features two recreation areas, one on the podium ground level (shown as basement 1 in plans) as well as a rooftop deck which features a pool, lounge, dining and entertainment spaces.

The development plans to offer residents an opportunity to directly access the water via private moorings.

Architectural rendering of Joe Adsett Architecture’s ‘River Arc’ riverside landscaping

“The site is uniquely positioned on a north-eastern bend of the river and we designed the building to cantilever towards the river edge. The cantilever is achieved by our design of an external concrete structural veil, which integrates the wall and floors into one uniform structure. The structure is not only supporting the building; it also acts to create large column free spaces which open to the water.

“The structure also curves to create large eaves around the building which reduce the heat load on the glass and provide acoustic attenuation between the levels. In addition, it allows protection from driving rain and reduces wind gusts up the vertical face of the high rise. The design of the facade curves and arches to become an object of beauty in its own right, and in turn forms the iconic look of the building.” – Joe Adsett

The riverfront is proposed to have tiered landscaping and communal amenities. An existing mature Flooded Gum tree is maintained by the development.

The site is set to benefit from a range of Kangaroo Point infrastructure investment which includes the Riverwalk extension from Mowbray Park, Kangaroo Point Green bridge, and local ferry terminal upgrades.

The application at 44 O’Connell Street, Kangaroo Point, has been filed as a code assessable application.


App C - Proposed Plans Part 1


Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005871704.

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  1. To construct a 15 story apartment block on this site is totally beyond comprehension. The access to these apartments will be via one small driveway and will be an accident waiting to happen. Also to allow it to be built on the river which should be a walkway for all residents to enjoy is beyond belief. Obviously someone will make a lot of money out of this project with little regard for the residents of kangaroo point. In the four years we’ve lived here 4 fifteen story appartments blocks have been constructed but the infrastructure hasn’t changed to allow for the increase in traffic.
    This project should not be allowed and I strongly oppose it.

  2. This proposal is contemptuous of the provisions of the neighbourhood plan and the amenity of neighbouring, ratepaying residents. Pointing at the travesty of Pikos’s crammed development next door as a precedent is a cynical attempt to shoehorn yet more unworkable overdevelopment into Kangaroo Point. If approved, the Schrinner Council’s legacy will be a city of high rise, badly serviced future slums. Brisbane’s reputation for relaxed, subtropical liveability will be gone forever. And it will be the Schrinner council’s fault.


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