International Developer Secures Transit Oriented Buranda Site

Aerial image of site

Singapore Exchange listed Wee Hur Holdings Ltd have purchased Anthony John Group’s 1.7ha transit-oriented Buranda site for $51.3million.

The deal, finalised in late December 2014, marks Wee Hur’s first foray into property development in Australia, with the Group planning to spearhead the approved high-rise mixed use development comprising residential, retail and office.

Anthony John Group CEO Shane Bulloch said Buranda’s strategic location, at the heart of major transport arterials, combined with Brisbane’s population and economic growth potential, drove strong interest from local and offshore investors.


Mr Bulloch said the deal was significant in terms of its size and complexity, but also as a reflection of the value transit oriented and urban renewal projects continue to hold in the market.

Mr Goh Yeow Lian, Executive Chairman of Wee Hur, confirmed such sentiment, saying, “We are excited for this opportunity to build an iconic development in a new market. As much as it is a new environment for us, we are optimistic of this project in view of the good location of the acquired land which is just beside a transit station and the growth potential of Brisbane city in both population and economy.”


This is the second off shore investor that has chosen an Anthony John Group project for their maiden venture into the Australian property market. In April 2014, German property giant Union Investment Real Estate purchased Flight Centre’s new global headquarters at Southpoint for $200m, the deal was Brisbane’s largest office transaction for the year.

“We are very proud to have shone an international spotlight on Brisbane and introduce two such significant investors. It is not only a testament to the attractiveness of Brisbane in the global real estate market, but to the strength of our vision for both projects.”

‘These transactions allow Anthony John Group to maintain its acute focus on delivering exquisite properties to our customers, which continues to be our major point of difference in the Brisbane market.”

CBRE’s Flint Davidson and Mike Walsh assisted Anthony John Group with the Buranda sale.



  1. this site has been begging for a good development of this type for years. However, it is concerning that for a “transit orientated development” the anthony john group seems to be completely oblivious to active transport. In their material there is no mention of this area as the eventual end of the O’Keefe to Lewisham section of the V1 veloway, no mention of supporting a link across O’Keefe street between bikeway sections, and apparently no recognition (let alone provision) for providing a vital cycle and pedestrian link eastward across this site to stone’s corner (and any eventual carindale-bound cycleway) that will keep pedestrian and cycle commuters seperated from motor vehicle traffic in and around the notorious O’Keefe St-Logan rd roundabout. Very at odds with council’s claims to be encouraging an active population and its plans to provide dedicated infrastructure to suppot this goal. This development can either provide a vital link in these active transport corridors or create a barrier that will be incredibly difficult and costly to overcome if attempted retrospectively to fit around this project.


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