FV’s Striking Gold and Silver Facade Update

Concept of new facade design

A new revision to the DA for Gurner’s FV project has been submitted and reveals a new gold and silver facade design.

The Brisbane City Council previously gave approval pending improvements to the facade.

According to the DA, the facade will be designed by Australian artist Nike Savvas who is known for her optically dazzling installations throughout the country.

Closeup of facade concept material from the DA
Concept image from the DA
Concept image from the DA

The artist concept is called ‘Beyond the Mountain’ and represents colours from the Australian landscape.

Hundreds of facade panels, coloured gold on one side and silver on the reverse, deliver a of vivid sun drenched array of tones.

As the viewer moves across the work a dynamic shimmer of colour and colour mixing unfolds. Acting almost like the corrugated surface of a Lenticular lense photo.

Current and proposed


The DA number for this update is A004393850.

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