First look: Renderings of Kangaroo Point pedestrian bridge revealed

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Artist's impression of Kangaroo Point bridge design

The Brisbane City Council has revealed new renderings of the design for the planned Kangaroo Point pedestrian and cycle bridge which is to connect Alice Street and the Botanic Gardens in the CBD with Scott Street at Kangaroo Point.

The council has announced that they will be fast-tracking the new pedestrian and cycle only bridge, delivering it two years earlier than expected, in 2023.

The design illustrated in the artist impressions released by Council shows a single mast suspension cable bridge, with the mast tower positioned on the CBD side of the river. The bridge includes a shade structure running the entire length as well as a central observation and seating section.

Initial community consultation was conducted by Brisbane City Council with suggestions from the public indicating they wanted to see the following design features:

  • Shade cover and landscaping
  • Safe separation between pedestrians and cyclists
  • An iconic bridge design
Artist's impression of Kangaroo Point bridge design
Artist’s impression of Kangaroo Point bridge design

Public consultation also found strong support from local residents and commuters for the bridge with approximately 60% of survey respondents indicating they would use the bridge daily or weekly.

Artist’s impression of Kangaroo Point bridge design
Artist’s impression of Kangaroo Point central seating areas

The public also showed strong support for the preferred alignment from Alice Street to Scott Street, with approximately 72% of people supporting this alignment as opposed to the Thornton Street option.

Artist’s impression of Kangaroo Point bridge design

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  • Has anyone considered the option of a bar at the base of the mast tower (under the pedestrian footpath). Similar to one in Melbourne. Granted it may need to be able to float up and down the mast tower to accommodate tidal flows but would expect this to be overcome from an engineering perspective.

  • This bridge is an obsentity. It will ruin the last reach of the river left in the city without these monstrosities. It will also remove the iconic vistas of the Story Bridge and the Kangaroo Point cliffs. The public feasibility study will prove will prove to be just as flawed as the Kurilpa Bridge at North Quay where now only a couple of hundred use it each week. It will inevitably see the demise of the cross river ferries which are a major attraction of living in Kangaroo Point. Watch the BCC close them within a year of completion. Lastly, it will close off forever the prospect of bringing taller ships up to the city precinct. The measure of any great city is exhibited in what is left alone more than what is built.

    • What are you talking about? Tall ships? When do you ever see tall ships in the city. Im sure they have designed it so the Kookaburra Queen can still fit under it. and that is a decent hight. That stretch of river isnt anything wow. And as a frequent cyclist and runner the option to have that brdige there will be fantastic. the story bridge walkways are too narrow for the amount of foot traffic going across.

      • Yes there are “tall ships” which use that stretch of the river – the best example I have is this one … … which is 22.7 metres tall, about twice the height of the Kookaburra Queen. Many other sailboats are regularly seen. Also the F-18s and helicopters which fly along the river at Riverfire fly at the exact height of that bridge tower. All of the apartments which overlook the river will have their view ruined – either of the Kangaroo Point cliffs from the city side, or of the city itself from the Kangaroo Point side. (I cannot fathom how you can say “that stretch of the river isnt anything wow” – I admire it every day and show it off to interstate and overseas visitors, who all say “WOW”).

        • Most of those sail boats’ masts in the picture would not fit under that 12m so those moorings are almost pointless.

  • There is a need for a bridge that connects the CBD with Kangaroo Point, however, a bridge design like this is definitely not the solution. The bridge itself should be a special place in its own right where people can linger and appreciate the great views of the city and the river. It should be so much more than just a connection. Brisbane City is defined by its bridges so why not have a bridge that truely is iconic. It could be a tourist attraction, and something that appears on postcards and tourist magazines across the world. Not to mention it could give the city a unique identity and act as a symbol of economic power. It could possibly be a green bridge full of trees and lush grass areas where people can appreciate the city; or a leit motif of the curvy forms of the Brisbane River could be used. To do this, the design would not even have to be altered that dramatically, although it would make a significant impact on the liveliness and culture of the city. Maybe the developers or the Brisbane City Council should launch a design competition???

  • Well that will be another eyesore for the city and spoil the vista from Kangaroo Point across to the city. As stated that will be the end of an era with the cross river ferries. Just another monstrosity to visually pollute the skyline.

  • I am in full support of a green bridge being developed at this location. I think it is an excellent idea that will encourage more walking and cycling in our city. However, I am very disappointed in the current design of the bridge. For better or for worse, the bridge will change the iconic view of our city from Kangaroo Point. As such, it’s essential that the bridge is aesthetically pleasing.

    A weirdly tall, unpleasantly asymmetrical design is a visual eyesore. The height obstructs the view of the city, while the lack of symmetry is visually displeasing. Overall, it’s just a very generic, forgettable design.

    As the view of Brisbane from Kangaroo Point is so iconic, I would hope the city would choose to pay attention to aesthetics more, and design a bridge which compliments our skyline rather than detracting from it.

    I hope they reconsider this design.

  • It will mean that most yachts with a mast can’t get under – not just ‘Tall Ships’. So that will mean that the many international & local yachts that come to Brisbane, wont be able to tie up at the piles beside the Botanic Gardens which they have been doing for decades.

  • What happened to the original design by KIRK architects? It was well considered, taking into account local heritage and architectural context in its design nod to the Story Bridge. Further to this, it wasn’t visually imposing like this design is.

    I hope they reconsider.

  • I think this bridge design is modern, refreshing, complementary to the surroundings. Excellent design

  • What an unnecessary eyesore. After the completion of the Neville Bonner Bridge (Queen’s Wharf), there will be seven bridges in the CBD where pedestrians and cyclists have an opportunity to cross the river. Do we really need to spend $200 plus million dollars of public money on an eighth.

  • I thought we were trying to be a “New World City”, why are all the new bridges so boring to look at? Certainly far from iconic. What a waste. I also seriously hope the design is reconsidered.

  • An expensive eyesore we don’t need and don’t want. Give us back our City Hoppers and our ferry stops at Dockside & Thornton street! BCC DON’T LOVE KANGAROO POINT BUT WE IT’S RESIDENTS DO!!

  • Just Get rid of those ugly pillars and add more greenspace to make it more enviormentally friendly, like plant trees and bushes in the centre of the bridge to make the bridge an attraction not an eyesore!!

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