First Look at Burleigh Light Rail Extension

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Architectural rendering of the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4 Burleigh extension

A detailed animation showing how a future light rail route beyond Burleigh might look has been released to coincide with the start of community consultation.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said major transport infrastructure projects like the light rail were an important part of the state’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan.

“We’re investing in public transport on the Gold Coast to create jobs, stimulate the local economy and take cars off the roads into the future,” the Premier.

“It’s thanks to my government that we’ve been able to deliver the first two stages of the light rail. We’re working on stage three.

“And today, we’re giving Gold Coasters an insight into what stage four might look like.

“We want feedback from locals. We want to hear what they think of the designs – that’s what today’s all about.”

Community consultation as part of the development of a preliminary business case for Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4 starts today, giving businesses and residents along the alignment and the wider Gold Coast the opportunity to have their say about the planning project.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey invited the community to comment on the 13-kilometre, Stage 4 extension of light rail proposed south of Burleigh Heads.

Burleigh Head National Park Station

“We are still very much in the early stages of considering what a future stage of light rail past Burleigh might look like,” Mr Bailey said.

“The flythrough video has been created to give Gold Coast residents a more realistic conception of how a future extension of light rail to Tugun could operate.

Thrower Drive Station

“For the next three months, the project team will be at seven locations across the southern Gold Coast to answer questions and provide face-to-face information to residents interested in learning more about the project.

“The community can also provide feedback online via the project website.”

Twenty Eighth Avenue Station

Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon said the proposed extension would provide an integrated public transport system between the greater Gold Coast and hubs like the Gold Coast Airport, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Cross University, and Coolangatta shopping and business precinct.

“Our city is growing and moving at a rapid pace – that’s why we’re upgrading the M1, building the Coomera Connector, building light rail stage 3 and delivering three new stations on the coast,” Ms Scanlon said.

Palm Beach Avenue Station

“Linking light rail to the airport – together with the M1 and heavy rail – means the Gold Coast will be better connected and less congested.

“We’ve seen people vote with their feet on light rail with more than 50 million trips taken on the existing system since it opened, and this extension will provide greater connectivity and accessibility for all Gold Coasters.”

Toolona Street Station

The proposed Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4 extension will service Burleigh Heads Village Centre, Palm Beach Village Centre, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Airport and Coolangatta shopping and business precinct.

Mr Bailey said the first round of consultation would focus on the Burleigh Heads to Tugun section of the route.

“Until Friday 17 September, the community can provide input to the urban design elements of the Burleigh to Tugun section, including a pedestrian-friendly precinct, active transport options, tram station access and environmental aspects,” Mr Bailey said

“Consultation on the Tugun to Coolangatta section will take place in early 2022, following completion of the Gold Coast Highway (Tugun to Coolangatta) Multi-modal Corridor Study.”

The Palaszczuk Government has committed $1.5 million to undertake the Gold Coast Light Rail (Tugun to Coolangatta) transport planning study, while $5 million has been jointly committed by the State Government and City of Gold Coast to complete a preliminary business case for Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4.

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  • This is a fantastic proposal that will inevitably connect the entire Gold Coast community further with the light rail. Hopefully we will see a ‘stage 5’ eventually, which would presumably connect the Coolangatta/Tweed Heads.

  • It’s nice, and will be a much needed bit of public transport infrastructure.

    A few too many spots where the tram tracks cross over two lane roadways though -bound to cause traffic gridlock. Would be nice if the final plan reduces the number of crossovers -the extra road demolition and re-sealing costs would be justified by the reduced amount of potential crash nodes.

  • Before seeing this I was keen for the tram but after seeing this I’m totally against it. I can’t believe that they think turning the Gold Coast hwy into a 1 lane road is even considered let alone getting as far as the design. Stupid backwards thinking. They’re so in love with the idea of the tram they’re willing to completely stuff up the traffic for all the local people and anyone going to the airport. I think if this goes through there’s going to be triple the amount of missed flights. So building a Tram for tourists and creating a mess for the locals is a major mistake, because with the way COVID is going there wont be any tourists.

  • Mark, with no disrespect, I don’t think you foresaw / foresee the constraints/challenges involved with the light rail project on the GC..

    It will keep expanding – regardless of whether you like it or not…

    You mention some challenges associated with people connecting to the GC airport. Well, this is the intention, and that hasn’t been proposed yet. So there’s no reason to comment on it!

  • The light rail will undoubtedly expand to include a station at the GC Airport.

    I think this investment might weaken the QR line expansion to GC Airport?

    In order for GC to be better connected, we do need heavy rail infrastructure to expand to the southern Gold Coast.

  • Having a rail system can be beneficial for a growing city. But the biggest consideration in PLANNING should be addressed LOCATION, LOCATION. Gold Coast airport is located near the coast so why not run the rail system out along the the beach front. About 2 km off the shores of the Gold Coast. Or run it above the Gold Coast Highway. Take a look at other countries they can do it and they have a real population numbers. The cost should not be in the equation, progress with change and additional costs is accepted in all our day to day lives.

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