Donkin Street Precinct Proposed

Artist's impression

Pointcorp, the developer behind Vida in West End has submitted a new DA for a seven building precinct development.

The project is located along the Brisbane River at 25 Donkin Street, West End and will create a new shared road and pedestrian link between Donkin and Hockings Street.


The development as a whole contains a total of 988 apartments across seven towers.

Master Apartment Breakdown:

  • Building 1) x44 1B, x92 2B
  • Building 2) x72 1B, x63 2B
  • Building 3) x63 1B, x73 2B
  • Building 4) x140 1B, x58 2B
  • Building 5) x21 1B, x65 2B
  • Building 6) x58 1B, x12 2B
  • Building 7) x129 1B, x93 2B, x1 3B
  • Stage 1) x179 1B, x232 2B
  • Stage 2) x161 1B, x123 2B
  • Stage 3) x187 1B, x105 2B

Buildings at the river side are 11 storeys, buildings at the rear of the site are 12 storeys. Each building includes rooftop amenity ranging from lounges, BBQ areas and pools.

The precinct has been designed by Cottee Parker Architects and includes a new riverside park, BBQ and picnic area and cycle path which will replace the current Riverside Drive.

Artist’s impression
Artist’s impression
Artist’s impression

According to the DA, the proposed development will activate previously back-water street frontages with engaging open spaces and inviting public links. Units on ground level will create a populated, friendly atmosphere and improve the safe movement of pedestrians through the area, through on-street surveillance.

The small retail offering included in stage 1 will create a destination, drawing patrons through Donkin and Buchanan Streets and from the existing riverside walk, via a new pedestrian link. Similarly, new pedestrian links in the subsequent stages will create a permeable urban edge and with the addition of way finding and lighting, provide a range of routes for users to move through the site.

Enhancing pedestrian amenity along Riverside Drive is a key aim of this proposal. A new active edge with terraced landscaping will serve to blend the development into the river front park land. View corridors will be maintained through intriguing breaks in the landscape and built form, inviting commuters and recreational patrons through the site. The ground floor of the development is set back from Riverside Drive, creating a generous buffer to the walkway below.

The development signifies the start of numerous urban renewal projects associated with the Kurilpa Masterplan.

The DA number for this development is A004016468.


  1. surely this building could have much better street activation and look a bit more appealing? Why are developers always taking short cuts? Brisbane residents likes buildings with flare and activation!!

  2. I’m not sure what the ground floor retail will be, but there is not a single restaurant, cafe or bar on the river in west end. This would be a great spot for it considering it’s proximity to boundary street. I lived on Donkin street for some time and would love to see better use of the river front.

  3. What happened to the dog park? The existing dog park appears to be missing from the masterplan image of the riverfront. The park is well used by local resident, many of whom are unit dwellers needing to exercise and socialise their pets) hope none of the new residents are planning on having a pet.

    Makes you wonder if ‘activate’ is a developers term which means “to remove existing activities/users if they don’t fit in with my grand vision for an area’.


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