Coorparoo Myer Redevelopment

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Honeycombes Property Group have lodged a DA to redevelop the old Myer site on Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo.

The Transit Orientated Development which is split into three stages will consist of three towers with heights ranging up to 18 levels and a total of 442 apartments.

According to the DA, the TOD development aims to create a dynamic and vibrant transit-orientated community that caters to residents and workers daily needs.

A key driver for the development is the creation of sub-tropical, shady pedestrian focused streets and spaces. The development will promote appropriate delineation of the streets and maintain a human scale to all edges and spaces.

Good pedestrian connection to the interim upgrade bus service and the future underground Eastern Busway are key planning strategies. The project will deliver a mix of apartment types, sizes and price points to ensure a diverse community is created on the site. The integration of retail and commercial uses within the development will add to the diversity of community.

The development which has been designed by Conrad Gargett will be delivered in three stages. Each stage will incorporate residential apartments, retail space, commercial office space, associated car parking, public and private open space and make provision for the future Coorparoo Eastern Busway underground station.

Stage 1
Stage 1 will provide an 18 level residential tower accommodating 153 apartments with retail tenancies at ground level. The residential foyer is accessed from the Old Cleveland Road retail plaza. A two level apartment building fronts Holdsworth Street.

A two level building to the Old Cleveland Road and Cavendish Road corner will provide ground level retail with commercial office space over. This building is designed to respond to the neighbourhood plan requirement for a ‘landmark building’ to this significant corner.This building will create a dynamic edge to the street corner and act as an entry to the retail plaza.

The four level basement will provide 174 car spaces, 137 for residential parking and 37 shared for retail, commercial and visitor parking.

Stage 1 will provide central loading facilities for the total development. All vehicles enter and exit the site from a shared road that will ultimately service as a low volume bus access road into the future Eastern Busway Tunnel. This road separates stage 1 and 2.

Stage 2
Stage 2 provides a 19 level residential tower located centrally on the site. The tower accommodates 162 one and two bedroom apartments. The building address is off the retail plaza. Retail tenancies at ground level activate both edges of the plaza. A residential lobby provides residents access to building management, mail room and landscaped common areas.

Holdsworth Street is activated by ground level retail space. This retail space is connected through the site via a cross block link. Access to this link is via a grand public stair and lift.

Fronting Holdsworth Street above the retail space is two levels of one bedroom apartments. Should market conditions change during the development period, it may be possible to consider ‘SOHO’ type dwellings in this location.

The Stage 1 ‘Landmark Building’ extends across the Stage 2 Old Cleveland Road frontage. This ensures the street edge to Old Cleveland Road is dynamic and of significant scale. Retail tenancies activate the ground level and commercial offices are located at level 1.

The two level basement provides 182 car spaces, 142 for residential parking and 40 spaces servicing the retail, commercial and residential visitor parking requirements. Access to the basement is from the shared busway access road. Service vehicles are located in the Stage 1 shared loading facility.

Stage 3 

Stage 3 provides 127 one and two bedroom apartments in a 15 level tower. The tower is positioned towards Old Cleveland Road and fronts a temporary green space that will ultimately become the public entry space down to the future Eastern Busway underground bus station. The neighbourhood plan identified the corner of Old Cleveland Road and Harris Road as a public plaza/forecourt.

This development will provide an interim landscaped public space to this important corner site. The final public plaza and busway station access will be designed and delivered by the State Government.

In addition to the ground level retail and plaza amenities residents within the development will have access to the common areas of all 3 stages. Each  stage will offer a different form of residential amenity. Stage 1 provides a covered 25m lap pool and small gymnasium. Stage 2 provides a large landscaped garden with bbq facilities and garden shelters. Stage 3 provides a large landscaped resort style beach pool.

The DA number for this development is (A003820603).

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  • I think it is just the Myer Sign that is Heritage Listed – I suppose they may be able to in-corporate it into the new build – or suspend it in one of the public spaces – as a landscape Art Installation.

  • Until something is done about the traffic congestion at the intersection of old Cleveland and Cavendish roads, any increased traffic to this area will be a disaster!

  • @AD I agree.. The traffic is horrendous during rush hour at the Cav Rd Old Cleveland Rd intersection. It will be even more catastrophic once works start. I just wish they would get it over and done with ASAP. The entire block is just sitting empty at the moment. Rumour is that demolition will begin in November. If it is true, I cannot understand why they had to remove all business in the block so early. Now the area doesn’t even have a newsagency anymore.

  • The original looks good just needs a refurbushment & have fresh food markets back there+the new plan looks awful+does it have to be on that block? Why not put this apartment block back with the public transport running underneath it?

  • Great idea to develop this site – but buildings way too high. 19 stories is inappropriate for the area and will set a dangerous precedent! Max 10, maybe 12 – not 19 please!

    Will also need pedestrian bridges over Old Cleveland and Cavendish Roads, and more green playspace for kids!
    Thank you

  • Mark what is the difference between 12 and 19? Brisbane should be embracing higher density in its suburbs to avoid further urban sprawl. I really find it amazing people think going higher is somehow a bad or scary thing, its the future!

  • I tend to agree with Mark’s comments regarding the proposed building height – a max of 10 residential floors would be more appropriate, particularly with 3 separate towers planned for the site.
    The current proposal to go as high as 19 floors would result in disproportionately high towers that dwarf the surrounding buildings/area.
    Its obviously in the best financial interest of Honeycombes Property Group to build up to the maximum number of floors allowable as per the Eastern Corridor Neighbourhood plan, however I believe the local community and government should be engaged to achieve the right balance.

  • Steve, I don’t think the apartments would stand out so disproportionately upon completion. A quick search on the council website shows another DA approved for an 11 storey apartment on Old Cleveland Rd across Maccas and another (9 storeys I think) right on the vacant lot behind BWS on Holdsworth adjacent to this project. Although, sadly, the latter is currently put up for sale by Alzheimers Aus and the former has been approved for a while now, I believe, but no news of works beginning yet.

  • Oh god. The architecture in this redevelopment looks awful. The design is excessively dull, who would want to live in an apartment like this? Can they at least add a garden or something on top of the buildings? – Something to make it the slightest different from previous Brisbane and surrounding developments would be o.k.
    And why do they choose to knock down such buildings of unique character. The is repeatedly happening in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, I hate it. Too much white.

  • My concern with the development proposal – how will this revitalise the area?
    This has been one of the main messages and key aspects in developing Coorparoo Junction into a hub that will breathe life back to the heart of the suburb.

    With so many unit complexes, Coorparoo doesn’t have a population density problem – so I do wonder how 3 towering multi-level apartment complexes with token retail at its base do justice to the revitalisation.

  • Not overly fussed about the design, especially the red bricks! I can understand using them if it’s part of the existing building but they will just end up looking. On ground level everyone will walk past red bricks face to face, day in day out… Surely there is something a little more appealing at such close viewing distances? A rendered wall would be better, or even a charcoal brick.

    I also feel that the yellow colour in the images is a little dull, bordering on dirty. I hope the final design has a bit more punch colour wise.

  • I think it may assist if everyone had a look at the Eastern Corridor Neighbourhood Plan. It was produced after a lot of community consultation. The BCC was informed by the State Gov, to plan for an increase in population between now and 2030. The GFC has effected the timing of things however it is at least a “plan”. The building heights that were recommended are shown, and for the Myer site that is 15 storeys, so is 19 for one tower that much different. The amount of retail space being considered is consistent with the ECNP as well. Hopefully this will encourage other building owners to give their buildings a spruce up, and that may also attract a bigger range of business and the customer traffic. Also, there is more parkland on the way.

  • The new development looks boring & boxy.
    Why don’t they look to developments like “glassworks”
    and “the barracks” for inspiration.
    Coorpooroo needs a development which will be open & fresh to encourage people to walk from one place to another. Give it a community feel. Instead they are giving us a closed environment which will fill up with more useless businesses not dependant upon pedestrian traffic.

  • I agree about the traffic congestion at this intersection. It is awful, and very dangerous to attempt a crossing over Cavendish Road particularly during peak times. This really needs to be considered alongside the environmental assessment for this development. Not much use having walk-friendly spaces on the block itself if people can’t walk to it. A pedestrian bridge or an extra set of lights somewhere between the Old Cleveland Road / Cavendish Road intersection and Coorparoo Train Station is essential, I would think.

  • Frankly I don’t care too much what the hell they put in there. ANYTHING has to be better than the current disgraceful situation. Coorparoo desperately needs modernising. It’s one of the scruffiest areas around. Even Woodridge looks better! Get cracking on this project NOW!

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