Collins Place to become centrepiece of redesigned Southpoint complex

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Anthony John Group’s Southpoint proposal has had a slight redesign which will complete the Grey Street entertainment precinct.

The long awaited Southpoint mixed use development has been slightly redesigned to give prominence to the former World Expo 88 Spaghetti House – Collins Place. Southpoint will now consist of three towers which will house residential, commercial, retail and Brisbane’s second five star boutique Emporium hotel rumoured to have around 132 rooms.

The three level retail component will comprise of Southbank’s first comprehensive supermarket, fresh food outlets, restaurants and eateries, while the residential component will house 210 apartments.

The heritage listed house (Collins Place) will become the centerpiece of the project and will form a new shop-lined entrance to Southbank station. Tower heights range from 17 to 24 storeys, with residential apartments to be marketed to future employees of the new Children’s Hospital, currently under construction.

Like the Emporium complex, Southpoint will be rolled out based on market demand, however a statement made by AJG puts completion within five years.

Southpoint was subject to some criticism by the Brisbane City Council, who have been complaining about not having any planning authority on Southbank land. Southbank, which is controlled by the Southbank Corporation, have succeeded in creating one of Brisbane’s most energised and successful entertainment and dining precincts along Grey Street and Little Stanley Street.

The Southpoint project is the final piece of undeveloped land on Grey Street and is set to become a key attraction for the surrounding areas. Located below are artists illustrations of Southpoint’s residential apartments.

Images sourced from Southpoint website.

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