Massive Redevelopment for Broadway on the Mall

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Broadway on the mall is set for a massive redevelopment which will see a complete restoration of the tired Queen Street shopping address.

After several months of major retail closures in Broadway on the Mall including anchor tenant Harvey Norman, ISPT have finally unveiled plans for the redevelopment.

Designed by John Wardle Architects, the transformation features a four-level high atrium, inspired by traditional European arcades.

ISPT development services general manager Chris McCluskey said the group’s latest project would introduce a new architectural style to the city.

“The new design will add significantly to the character of the Queen Street Mall by opening the building to the public realm and activating the first and second levels,” he said.

The proposal also includes space for a two-level flagship store, surrounding speciality retailers and an open plaza.

ISPT has lodged a development application for the project with construction estimated to commence from August 31st.

ISPT are asking for ideas of what retail people would like to see. Ideas can be posted on the website  (

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  • Hi, I’d love to see Kmart and Wendy’s (ice cream/milkshakes/hot dogs) in the new Broadway on the Mall as these stores are not located in Brisbane’s CBD. Thanks for the opportunity to have some input into what the public would like to see in this redevelopment. Looking forward to receiving updates on the redevelopment process.

  • Looking at the plans above there simply wouldn’t be enough room for Kmart, and I doubt they are looking for a cheap low-end retail chain like Kmart, looking at the artwork this is for high end designer stores similar to wintergarden. Big W is in McArthur Chambers and is better than Kmart anyday.

  • Both of KMart and Wendy’s are crappy low-end retail chains. Brisbane wants to become innovative, not bogan.

  • I agree, Cassie I’m sorry but it seems you are wanting something that should go into a suburban Centro shopping centre, not in the middle of the Queen Street Mall!!!

    Give us GAP, H&M, Bershka, Uniqlo, Lindt Chocolate Shop, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Puma, Food Republic, Din Tai Fung over Wendy’s and Kmart anyday! LOL.

  • We desperately need Zara, Zara Home, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, H&M, C&A, Mexx, Uniqlo, GAP, Springfield, New Yorker, Saturn!
    I hope to see some of them…

  • The front of the building does look structurally interesting.
    We “desperately need” certain retailers ! Love it !!

  • The addition of stores like Zara and the Gap to Brisbane will be fabulous as I know that I love going to Sydney and Melbourne to shop at these stores. Keeps the money in Brisbane rather than the other states even as much as I enjoy going to these states in Australia for a weekend of shopping.
    Lets bring Brisbane in with all the other main cities in Oz. We have a beautiful city with a lot of tourists as well. Cant wait to see the new building take place.

  • Absolutely loving this new design! Finally Brisbane is upgrading from a country town competing with Syd and Melb! if you want to go to kmart go to a shopping mall! We need Zara, uniqlo, Jc Penny, American Apparel etc heaps more stores that Brisbane need to get! There is absolutely no stores that compare! As i am a blogger myself i can say as soon as one of these stores come to this city will hopefully help change the boganess of Brisbane and educate the people what fashion is truly about!

  • Fashion wise:

    Zara, uniqlo, Jc Penny, American Appare,Gap, ull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, H&M, C&A, Mexx, Uniqlo & Banana Republic


    Vertu, B&O, Bose

  • Yes PLEASE lets bring more foreign fashion chains to Australia so that we can promote their industries instead of our own local talent.

    I particularly want Zara, H&M, GAP, American Apparel like everyone else so that we can all dress alike. At least that way when I travel to other countries, I already know what sort of clothing stores I want to go into.

    Also, Australia doesn’t have any design talent for fashion and the local people don’t know how to design for our climates like the Americans and Europeans seem to do so.

  • The definition of real intelligence is original thinking.
    The idea that Brisbane should become like Sydney and Melbourne is not only shallow and worthless, it is doomed to failure.
    Just listen to the proposition – the very idea that one place should become like another place ! It should not. As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane should be uniquely itself. This slavish copying of Sydney and Melbourne has to end. We do not need what they have got. It is time to think about the opportunity afforded to us of living in THIS location at THIS point in history.

  • Definitley agree with the majority of people Brisbane NEEDS a Zara and H&M AT LEAST I mean come on.

  • Please bring Next to Brisbane along with Zara, h&m we need clothing that are good quality fabrics that won’t break the budget. I would stop shopping
    On line if we had better to choose from

  • Yes Zara is great! Lets have our own talented designer and artists that reflect our subtropical climate and lifestyle. Brisbane has grown up . We can stand on our two feet ! We are NOT Melbourne and Sydney . We can have a unique fresh approach and still have top labels and top quality not only fashion! We live in apartments here and don’t want to travel to suburbs so .. Beautiful homewares furniture antiques rugs mirrors lamps ans soft furnishings that are niche. Please no more Asian takeaways ! Lets have healthy and gourmet food that’s trendy and affordable . We workers want to eat well too! What about a food market incorporating fresh produce good deli butcher green grocer and spices. A bazaar atmosphere that tantalise our senses!! Vintage and Retro design clothing and homewares. Inspiring decor for the home. Boutique stores that reflect quality. A good wine cellar . Hand crafted jewellery . Alternative and health products . A good confectionery shop or chocolate store . Handmade linens clothing and Manchester that reflects our climate. Another words not the same as the chain stores or big brands that are everywhere . If you want to shop in Brisbane CBD…. there’s no other place like it. Enviiromentally friendly with lots of green space and products !!! Get up to date and one step ahead of the same ol same ol !!! Im excited!

  • We desperately need international brands like: H&M, Zara, GAP, American Apparel, Guess, Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Finch.

  • We need agnes b., A.P.C., Comptoir des cotonniers, Zara, H&M, Gap, Morgan de toi, UNIQLO, Muji, Free People, Repetto, Alice&Olivia, Celine etc!

  • Ok I have had enough of ordering online for clothing because I live in Brisbane with no acces to stores I like.
    Shops I propose we should place in the new mall are :
    – American Apparel
    -Platypus Shoes
    -Victoria Secret
    Having new popular stores will help Brisbane City’s economy and employment rate grow. More people will be willing to come to Brisbane for fashion, instead of Melbourne or Sydney. Improving Brisbanes’ Broadwalk mall will help Brisbane in the long run and Queensland as a state.

  • I would love to see Victoria Secret! A beautiful store for women. And Yves Rocher! Not one of these stores in Australia and they don’t ship here either! Thanks!

  • Zara, Victoria secret, Urban outfiters, miss selfridge, new look, watermark… so many brands that need to come this way.So many people are trying to order clothes online, Brisbane needs to step up before it is to late.

  • I Agree with all the above – Australia is definitely not known for its shopping which is crazy as Australians created Westfield, King of the shopping malls on a global scale – found in the UK, USA, etc. I find it astonishing that the shops here are so outdated with such poor quality clothes and bad workmanship! What is going on??
    I would recommend :
    Marks & Spencers
    John Lewis
    New Look
    Miss Selfridge
    Dorothy Perkins
    River Island
    Ross Dress for Less
    Nordstrom Rack
    Ann summers
    Marks & Spencer
    New Look
    The great news is that Trade Secret has been acquired by the retail giant that owns TJ Maxx and TK Maxx! And Lindt Cafe is coming to Brisbane! Yay!

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