Brisbane Development Sales Go High Tech

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A new Brisbane development ‘Parklane’ is using the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) technology to simulate a true apartment experience.

Pikos Group is a Brisbane-based enterprise that partners with investors, developers and financial institutions to develop A-Grade residential and commercial properties.

The group has collaborated with Collider Visuals to become one of the first in Australia to create an interactive virtual environment using the 3D gaming engine technology.

Their latest development ‘Parklanein Kangaroo Point, utilises the technology used in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the form of the Unreal Engine 4.1. Allowing high quality visuals and a fully immersive experience.

The Interactive Environment can be viewed on a traditional computer and screen and is also Oculus Rift ready for a Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Meaning, that with a special headset you could become so immersed that as you turn your head, your virtual world pans before your eyes.

Parklane, Kangaroo Point

”At this stage, this technology does require a high performance computer but we’re hopeful that it will soon be packaged for mobile devices. This new and innovative direction in real estate visualisation will soon replace the more traditional methods you see in the market today” said Mr Lee, General Manager of Pikos Group.

For Parklane, interactive environment brings the development to life and allows the user to move through the building in their own time and view whatever it is they want to see.

Unlike traditional renders and animations that are composed movies only able travel along a predetermined pathway within a building, Parklane viewers can open doors, turn on lights or change the environment from daytime to night-time.

”It does add a lot more work for our design consultants, as every little detail in the build needs to be resolved. Details which would normally be worked through at the Building Approval stage need to be addressed a lot earlier. Ultimately this helps the design team, and the builder, resolve any design issues before we even break dirt’ said Mr Lee.

This is one of the first projects of its kind in Australia and Pikos Group is excited and to lead the market with this new and exciting technology.

Parklane is expected to be pre-releasing soon.

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