Two new 15 Storey Towers for South Brisbane

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An application by Kilcor Properties has been submitted to build two fifteen storey residential towers located at 25 Bouquet Street, South Brisbane.

The north tower consists of 150 apartments and also includes a shop, office and restaurant at ground level while the south tower consists of 125 apartments.

Designed by Rothelowman, the development in its entirety is intended to be built and completed at the same time.

The project includes a rooftop recreation deck with pool and outdoor kitchen on each tower.

The DA number for this development is A003797652


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  • Jimmy Jo Jo, if you hadn’t noticed we have an LNP government who disgarded Labors plans for “south bank 2”. The area will develop but by the private sector.

  • If either of you guys read the article and new what you were talking about – you would know that was already privately owned property.

    Do private owners have to adhere to an old labor idea that did not include that property previously?

  • I would reject this proposal. If you look around the world, they are building some outstanding new vibrant designs. This will be prime real estate where everyone will see each time they travel across the go-between bridge.
    Council should ask them to do something world=class, not a brown old 1970’s tweed heads time share units.
    No, it will be a shame to approve this and a let down for a site that should create the wow factor, now the ow factor.

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