27 Projects & counting, Boom time for Fortitude Valley

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Our attraction to the Fortitude Valley has never been stronger. The area is now experiencing a boom in development unlike anything before. Billions of dollars are being poured into urban renewal and new highrise projects across the Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley and Newstead areas.

Why is this happening? A few reasons below could explain why:

1) Trend: We all know that the Valley is now a ‘trendy area’ to be in. Officially, it is Brisbane’s designated ‘entertainment district’, and Australia’s first entertainment district protected under legislation to remain this way.

2) Locality: Not only is our CBD waterlocked by the Brisbane River, but it is one of the smallest in Australia in terms of land area. This has lead people to see the Valley as an opportunity to extend the CBD, a plan which is supported by the Brisbane City Council as a way to energise the area during the day. Already, we have seen numerous companies relocate their offices to the Valley/Newstead area. Leighton, Aecom, Arup, Energex, Watpac, Cardno, RPS, Fujitsu and many Brisbane City Council departments have recently moved into the Valley in recent years.

3) Changing Demographics: The days of owning a large house in the suburbs are numbered, as younger demographics are opting to surround themselves with nearby amenities. This as well as investment from asian buyers are contributing to strong demand for one and two bedroom apartments, particularly in the Valley where developers have recorded strong sales.

4) Undeveloped: Given the close proximity to the CBD, the Valley could be said to be largely undeveloped. Unlike neighbouring suburbs such as Kangaroo Point and Spring Hill, apartment development has been slow to take off – until now.

5) Transport: The Valley is home to above-average public transport in Brisbane. The area has access to rail, city cat and bus services, with the high frequency City Glider being a recent addition to this. The Valley’s grid road system will also make it easier in the future to provide Light Rail transport through the area.

Below is a list of projects – proposed, approved, under construction and recently completed in the Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills and Newstead areas. Map and list composed by Marty.

Fortitude Valley

435 St Pauls Terrace | 30st | 116.5m

  • Developer: Watpac
  • Use: [Residential: 464 Apartments] | [Retail: 9 Tenancies]
  • Status: On Hold
  • DA#: A002480576
  • http://www.watpac.com.au/

757 Ann Street | 11st | 54.0m 

  • Developer: Vanriet
  • Use: [Office: 7,788m2 NLA] | [Retail: 3 Tenancies]
  • Status: Approved
  • DA#: A003189802
  • http://757ann.com/

Alex Perry Residential | 11st | 47.95m

 Bakery Lane | 3st

  • Developer: AMC Developments
  • Use: [Residential: 4 Studio Apartments] | [Retail: 13 Tenancies] | [Food Market]
  • Status: Approved
  • DA#: A002958041

Brooklyn on Brookes | 15st | 59.9m

Church Street

Green Square

  • Developer: Brisbane Investment Corporation
  • Use: Office
  • Status: Tower 2 Under Construction (Tower 1 Completed)




The Melba


  • Developer: Blackwatch Properties
  • Use: Office
  • Status: Proposed

Bowen Hills

37 Mayne Rd | 16st | 104.18m

  • Developer: Arden Property Group
  • Use: [Residential: 242 Apartments] | [Retail: 5 Tenancies]
  • Status: Approved

(Render by Lucid Image)

58-66 Abbottsford Road | 21st | 92.4m

Belise | 19st | 74.1m

  • Developer: CBRE
  • Use: [Residential: 199 Apartments] | [Retail: 2 Tenancies] | [Rooftop Restaurant detailed in plans]
  • Status: Pre-sales
  • DA#: A002682753
  • http://www.belise.com.au/

Code | 10st | 50.1m

  • Developer: Chrome Properties
  • Use: Residential: 132 Apartments
  • Status: Under Construction / Now Selling
  • http://www.code.net.au/

Madison Heights | 30st | 115.2m

  • Developer: Metro Property Developments
  • Use: [Residential: 286 Apartments] | [Retail: 6 Tenancies]
  • Status: Pre-sales
  • Corner of Mayne Road, Campbell Street, Hazelmount Street
  • http://madisonheightsbowenhills.com.au/

Richmond Apartments | 9st | 40.9m

  • Developer: Brisbane Housing Company
  • Use: Residential: 137 Units (37 for open market)
  • Status: Under Construction
  • DA#: DEV000024_09
  • 36 Hurworth Street
  • http://www.richmondbowenhills.com.au/
Showground Hill
  • Developer: Lend Lease
  • Use: Mixed Use Urban Renewal
  • Status: Unit Pre-sales & Office Preleasing / Convention Centre U/C
  • DA#: DEV2010/047 (Masterplan Document)
  • http://www.showgroundhill.com.au/

The Brookes | 9st | 48.7m

  • Developer: SP & JP Properties
  • Use: [Residential: 60 Apartments] | [Retail: 1 Tenancy]
  • Status: Approved
  • DA#: DEV2010/042
  • 24 Brookes Street

The Chelsea | 13st | 69.0m

  • Developer: Metro Property Developments
  • Use: [Residential: 195 Apartments] | [Retail: 3 Tenancies]
  • Status: Under Construction
  • 16 Hamilton Place
  • DA#: DEV2010/051
  • http://www.chelseabowenhills.com.au/



Devine Site

  • Developer: Devine
  • Use: Residential
  • Status: Proposed
  • Location: Commercial Rd, Teneriffe
  • DA#: A003071549


The Gasworks 


Waterloo Junction

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  • I have been heavily involved in this process and wrote the publication for the Valley Chamber of Commerce in 2007 as President of the Chamber. We had very few residents living in the Valley and an extremely poor day economy as residents leaving the Valley by day and strong night economy with residents complaining about the noise when they came home.
    The purpose of the 40 page A4 booklet was to support a change in builing heights to increase the number of commercial office buildings and workers by day who left the area by night.
    The new Valley Neighourhood plan was finally approved on 10 March 2010 by which time a number of developers and property owners had commenced projects and in 2010 we had over 10,000 new office workers move into the area including Green Square, HQ, Energex.
    Thank heavens for Trevor Reddacliffe of BCC Urban Renewal first Chairman who proposed all the luxury car dealers move into the area and buy or lease large land holdings, as this has allowed easier than normal purchase of large holdings for many of the large scale residentials and commercial developments that we now seeing in the Valley. Here’s hoping the luxury cars can in many incidents remain as ground level tenants of these buildings as they do in Europe.
    The overlay of new residential developments adds vibrancy to the night and weekend amentity of the area and I sincerely hope this together with
    We also have worked with both the previous Labour and current Lberal Government in Qld throught the Valley Liquor Accord to have a Management Plan implemented for the area which has made a major long term improvement to the professional way the night economy is run both inside venues but more importantly the public transport and the upcoming changes to public space management.
    It takes vision!

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