BCC to waste vibrant West End site for a multi-million dollar patch of grass

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The Brisbane City Council has submitted a notice of intention to acquire the Three Lanes development site located at 68 Vulture Street in West End and plans to build a park.

The local West End backers of the Three Lanes project, Sam and Peter Hadjipetrou are surprised the Brisbane City Council are throwing out a great opportunity to create a vibrant, social, cultural and retail space.

“Having spent the last 40yrs as locals, we understand that West End is a vibrant, tight-knit community fiercely proud of its energetic, eclectic culture rich with history, character and life.

Since purchasing the Vulture St block in 1994, our vision has always been to develop a thriving public ‘commonspace’ for our community which blends the colourful multicultural heritage and history of the area with the unconventional creativity that forms the heart-beat of West End today.

Comprising of parkland, retail, artspace and living, Three Lanes is not just ‘another’ development, but a vibrant community precinct designed around a holistic ‘connected’ village atmosphere which embraces genuine community ownership and creative expression,” Sam explains.

However a Brisbane City Council planning committee are pushing for Council to acquire the site and turn it into a park.


Sam Hadjipetrou points out that their development concept has incorporated the idea of the city plan for public space (or what council refers to as urban common) and therefore council will not need to spend any money to acquire and embellish the site.

“They will get a free public space working with development from which they will have income and save expenditure. A win win for both council and the local community.”

However despite this, council are pushing ahead with the intention to buy the land to turn it into a park.

“We are trying to get the message out there in the public arena and get as much support as possible from locals and professional experts.”

This is now the second key development site that council plan to resume to build a park, with the other site being the old Milton Tennis Centre site, which still remains vacant years after council acquisition.

Brisbane Development strongly believes the people of West End deserve better than another patch of grass. The area’s vibrancy can continue along Vulture Street by the creation of a social common space which can hold cultural activities and would remain active at night through retail and restaurant related nightlife.

A website and online petition has been set up HERE where you can register your support for the development.

View the Three Lanes proposal’s Vision below:

For more information on the development project (http://threelanes.com.au/)

Or to view the development on PDOnline (A003638211)

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  • Sounds about right. Council making life hard for everyone. These public servants really annoy me. They do nothing, create nothing, and make it hard for people who do. Fire the lot of them – we don’t want you and we don’t need you!!

  • I’ll have to take a contrary view on this. While I don’t think that landscapes are better than good urbanism (or a remedy for bad urbanism), private space (read: outdoor dining areas and active frontages) is not the same as public space. West End is rapidly increasing in density, and one of the major concerns of the residents is the lack of public space. I also think that given the increasing density of West End, this might be one of those public spaces that is not ‘just a patch of grass’, unlike the parks that you find in just about ever suburb of Brisbane which are essentially handed over to truants and deviants.

  • Hmm seems like it wouldn’t be terrible if they turned it into a park – my wife used to work in West End and she had no where nice to go on her lunch break. But then I realise that it will probably become a hub for all the homeless/crazy people in West End – might be better off it it was of some use to the community at large.

  • It is a TERRIBLE idea to turn this into a park. It would become so dead at night and would attract drunk people and crime at night.

    West End is such a vibrant place and we need to continue this! Not add dead zones in the middle of it!!

  • Hi Jean, my understanding is that this development’s key feature is some kind of village green with community gardens and outdoor plaza or atrium.

    Having spent half of my 20s in West End I used to fire-twirl on this exact site and remember it being quite removed from the vibrancy of Boundary St. I think it will be extremely beneficial for the local businesses surrounding the area and provide a much needed hot-spot which will activate that area of West End.

  • Ned misunderstands the urban design report which can be found at threelanes.com.au The development scheme addresses the need for public space/urban common more than any other development that has been proposed in West End and arguably the whole of Brisbane. 41% of the site area is dedicated to the urban common plaza encompassing many design elements that would appeal to a true public gathering place , allows for multiple uses and functions and it provides a platform for cultural expression and community interaction. It provides a unique opportunity for a much needed vibrant space in this area and we should all strongly support the initiative and foresight of Sam and Peter…..two great blokes who grew up in the area and want to contribute something visionary to the community.

  • Thanks for speaking for me Ollie. I agree that they have put a lot more thought into the design and the application than most developments around at the moment. I still don’t agree that open private space is the same as public space. If it isn’t in public ownership, it isn’t public space, and that is what a lot of people are concerned about. My understanding is that the decision to use the site as a park has everything to do with trunk infrastructure (and public space is trunk infrastructure) and nothing to do with the merits of the proposal.

  • Oh and for the record, I live in an apartment, hate sprawl, and think this that this kind of development is probably close to the perfect intensity of development for inner ring suburbs.

  • Note that the above render is in “ultra-wide-angle-lens-format” which is quite deceptive; it gives the viewer the impression of vast plains of open space and avant garde architecture, the actual product ends up dull and somewhat 2-dimensional. The park can has greater potential and will be well utilized by many pseudo-beatniks, hippies and cool-catz!

  • I too live in an apartment and I too thought that it was a great example of how we can truly create the density and extra dwellings we claim we’re after in our inner suburbs.
    However, I wonder about the cost of this purchase? Is this the best way to achieve greenspace outcomes with that money in this suburb? Council should bring everyone up to date on those elements.
    As the all the talk about drunks-please. I lived through the three years of trash, brawls and swill that was the Fox sunday sessions. You’ve no idea how pathetic that herd was, and none of them were looking for a pocket park.
    PS there is a bit of history about the site and what was there for the carpark. It seems Council is making good on its promise from 2 decades ago

  • We already have a park in westend- Musgrave park! We don’t have enough police to look after another one!

  • In my volunteer work with juveniles and my work as an Ordained Minister, I see this West End development if managed responsibly, as having great potential to develop opportunity for self esteem and community image, creating a positive place for every generation in our community, and prevent community apathy. It would be good if some profits from such an initiative are put back into this community, providing encouragement for our precious young ones.

  • Blackganga-I disagree with your comments that the development is Dull I would direct anyone that wants a clearer perspective of the urban area to the developers website http://www.threelanes.com.au where you will see detailed plans of the urban common area in both their e-brochure pages 16-17 as well as the Urban design documents page 7 under landscape design. This truly is a fantastic design and development that delivers a great concept. The plaza/ common area covers more than 40% of the total site area which is rarely seen in any development. .I congratulate the passion and vision of these two local individuals who have managed to deliver an outstanding architecturally designed building encompassing a dynamic plaza area which will add vitality , cultural expression and community interaction at a level that cannot be delivered through a sterile green park. A park in the centre of the business destrict within this so important site will be a waste where as this proposed development will create a new community hub and the activation of Army lane will revitalize the businesses in this part of Vulture st and enhance the overall image of West End. Well done and wish you all the best

  • Mark! A sterile green park! nice “revitalize the businesses in this..” somewhat new to the area, I s’pose!

  • West End has been begging for a multi-use development of this nature which will invigorate the area and draw people to this booming suburb. I believe if a park was put on this site then this would be a step backwards for West End. It will be another hangout for the homeless which will drive people away from the area and not make use of its full potential. No one would use the park just like no one uses musgrave park due to the abundance of homeless people occupying the site. This is a fantastic proposal by the owners they have taken into consideration the best interests of the residents of West End and a park would not benefit anyone whatsoever.

  • As a teacher at West End state school I fear for the children’s safety who will be waking down Vulture Street. Having this area as a park might entice the habitation of homeless people migrating from Musgrave Park. Why would you want a park in such a congested part of West End so close to main roads. The local area has many parka such as Davies Park, Musgrave Park, Orleigh Park and Southbank Parklands. That area would be better served as a multi-purpose development offering numerous services to the public and residents of the area. We are in an era of growth and that is what this proposal exhibits.

  • What a silly idea to make this space a “Park”. It would instead become “Public Toilets” ewww………

  • I have lived in West End for over 30 years and the proposed development is exactly what West End needs not a small park. There are much better ways for council to spend ratepayers money on greenspace. The developers are dedicatiing a large chunk of the site for public space anyway with the advantage of a striking development which will be a new hub of activity and growth for the area.
    Good luck and well done

  • This development is a wonderful proposal that with enrich West End though its vibrant and unique social space that is covering 41% of the area. It will serve the community much better than a plain park that will encourage unwanted gatherings and will badly impact on the surrounding residents and businesses. However, ‘Threelanes’ will most certainly become a place where the public of West End can enjoy the restaurants and public activity that is has to offer. This sensational idea of developing the land into an influential space that will help promote the liveliness of West End should definitely be approved.

  • Great idea! Council should not hesitate to approve a development that benefits so many. Win/ Win / Win

  • I support Council turning the site into a park, it is placed perfectly for local community events and a place for community to meet and relax for free, after shopping or doing errands on Boundary street. There are plenty of shops and plenty of apartments going up in West End, this little corner dedicated to green space would enhance the enjoyment of my environment as a West End local. Although I’m not sure my comment will be posted, as all the previous comments appear to be all pro private development.

  • I also support a park. There is nothing wrong with more green space, in my eyes. I also prefer my public space publically owned, to be frank. There’s no guarantees that, in the future, the space will stay as public-friendly as this development promises.
    My children also go to the local state school and I do not have any problem with their walking past more open green space!!!!! I also don’t have a problem with their seeing society in all its guises. Including “homeless/crazy people”. All these comments above, talking about “hangout for the homeless”, etc… What has happened to the tolerant West End I remember?

  • This is a tough one! Here’s a well thought development that seems to embrace a pedestrian orientated lane type development, non-linear connections, modest building heights and many active frontages- the type of contemporary features that can contribute to West End’s character. I think a park in this location would not be that appropriate- but West End definitely needs more parks, or at least better use of the parks we have. I tutor QUT students in landscape architecture and urban design and this is the type of developments that we would like to see encouraged. Maybe get some green space in the existing development- I mean no one is really thinking they would be kicking a footie in that park if it eventuates.
    As a West End resident for the last 10 years I am a little shocked to read peoples’ attitudes to homeless people being so negative though, they have to go somewhere and in my expereince rarely any trouble, compared as said to the Fox Sunday session crowd, and make life a lot more interesting.

  • A park is an inappropriate use of this space!! We want West End to be vibrant into the night! LOOK AT HOW BAD MUSGRAVE PARK IS AT NIGHT ITS A NO-GO ZONE!

  • Hurrah for the council!! We need parks and trees… they are the lungs of all good cities. West end is developing at such a rapid rate with so many apartments being built that green space is essential!!! The police are patrolling west end so vigorously at the moment there will be no opportunity for homeless vagrants to even sit down.. let alone sleep in the park. Go the greenies 🙂 give us our park.

  • Hillender, its sad that you have to mention the police patrolling west end to keep crime out of the mooted park.

    That is not sustainable and is a drain on our cities resources. Instead we should have a vibrant, energetic social space where people have fun, eat, drink and watch performances. Also, you clearly haven’t been to Musgrave park at night where there ARE homeless people living there. Police don’t and shouldn’t move them on, that is heartless.
    I wish people would grow a brain and not be so scared of good types of development which this is!! West End deserves better than a patch of grass!

  • I posted a comment with facts about the legal planning scheme on this topic. It wasnt published, was that a decision from the Administrator/publisher of this page? In case it was a computing error, they do happen, below is a follow-up for posting, thanks:

    “Three years ago (2010) this site was identifed in the lastest amendments to the local area plan by Council as a site for greenspace/open space. The merits of that call were considered/debated three years ago. There is no record of any submission being made by the owners of this site to that consultation. Even after the drafts were proposed there is no record of any response by the owners to the proposed park. The amendments were made and passed into law as the legal planning scheme with the site as a park in 2011. There was no submission from the owners in 2011.
    The site is designated a park, has been for two years.
    Evidently the owners failed to participate in the public debate at the time.
    I would now question the merits of any DA that’s actually asking City Council to hand over public lands designated as park for the purpose of private profit.
    100% of the site is designated public space Council would be exposing itself to all kinds of problems by moving to hand over public lands to a private developer for commercial profits.”

    An open space within mixed use development cannot do as much as 100% green space can do. With sufficient lighting throughout the park and Crime Prevention design principles, any foreseeable crimes could be minimised.
    People!!! Shouldn’t we allow at least one piece of land as 100% green space for the future generations to enjoy the greenness of our society? If everyone says that we can integrate open space within the mixed use development, you will see there is no public space where you can actually feel the beauty of nature. Everything will be all man-made park surrounded full of concretes and lights.

  • I would love to see more green space in down town west end.
    a park would be great.
    just to sit under a tree.
    or lie on the grass.

  • Yeah lets have some dry dirt for my little kiddies to play in! Also, i’m just going to love sitting in an abandoned section of grass at 9pm at night. I do like socialising with drunk people who have stumbled out of West End’s bars and like resting in the bushes overnight.

    However the noise from my drunk park friends will relax me after a big day out. In fact, rather than sipping a late at a cafe or enjoying a gelato I can join in singing with drunk hipsters in the park! I’m looking forward to this day I will be the first one to christen this future park with my amazing karaoke voice at 2am in the morning! YAY!

  • the pissimism of NIMBY of WEST END (a self-evident nom de plume) is sad.
    Its precisely this poverty of imagination that leaves Brisbane struggling to reconcile its hopes for truly urban neighbourhoods against the small-mindedness expressed in those comments.
    Many other cities the world over are grabbing every site for open space and green space that they can. many of those cities are actually demolishing buildings to create them. For very good reason.
    High density (not to be confused with high rise) living demands more outdoor options for people. Its a necessary off-set to the pressures of limited personal space.
    Yes 68 Vulture St is a good place for a park (maybe not the best place but that debate was three years ago. Its been had and finished. And Brisbane rarely does the best of anything so lets be pragmatic and realistic).

    What remains though and we all deserve an explanation -is why didnt the owners make any public submissions to the local area plan exercise through the two years of that publicity and consultation; plus why didnt they respond to the personal individual BCC notices re the changes in zoning over three years ago? Secondly, why didn’t the town planning report identify the change in zoning that had happened three years ago?

  • This is really disappointing, Brisbane has a serious lack of public domain and social planning . I would really love to see the Three Lanes proposal approved.

  • Sorry this development looks like something a dentist would pen. If you want vibrant and into the night; go out the valley; they also have lots of nice parks. Private space is not public space: you will still have people hanging out in the spacing drinking and carrying on regardless if it’s a park or not.

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