Aria Propose New Residential Development for Jane Street, West End

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Artist's impression of Jane Street's lobby and external facade

Aria Property Group has submitted a development application for two new 12-storey residential towers located at 105-117 Jane Street, West End which is adjacent to Davies Park.

Designed by Rothelowman, the development would accommodate 145 one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as two ground floor retail tenancies totalling 146.5 sqm.

Known in the development application as ‘Jane Street’, the building is formed by one level of basement car parking, a two to three storey podium, nine to ten storeys of residential units and an unroofed and unenclosed communal recreation area at the roof level of each tower.

The development will be carried out in two stages, with Stage 1 comprising part of the podium, the access driveway, and building 1. Stage 2 comprising part of the podium and building 2. The concept of subtropical landscaping is a key theme for the development that is incorporated throughout the design.

Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade showing unique balcony facade design
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade

Development Rundown:

  • Site Area 2,835sqm
  • x2 retail and commercial tenancies
  • Number of apartments x90 (stage 1) & 55 apartments (stage 2)
  • x23 one bedroom apartments
  • x28 two bedrooms, one bathroom apartments
  • x48 two bedrooms, two bathroom apartments
  • x19 two bedrooms, two bathrooms, MPR apartments
  • x28 three bedroom apartments
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade
Artist’s impression of Jane Street’s external facade

Rooftop Recreation Amenity

Communal and private spaces have been provided at the rooftop level of each of the proposed towers. This communal recreation area has an overall area of 1,128.6sqm (790.7sqm for Stage 1 and 337.9sqm for Stage 2), which, according to the development application comprises almost 40% of the overall site area, exceeding Council’s 5% minimum.

Along with the standard pool, gym and sun lounge amenity, the development appears to have an increased level of family-based recreation facilities, possibly signalling Aria’s experimentation or move into the family apartment market – a relatively new but growing buyer demographic type. These amenities include:

  • Treehouse canopy boardwalk
  • Tree houses connected with a climbing bridge
  • Playground and lawn space
  • Family pavilion bbq space

Stage 1 rooftop recreation amenity

The communal recreation space also includes a variety of standard apartment building use spaces, including:

      • Outdoor gymnasium
      • Dining pavilion and breakout seating
      • Sun deck and hidden sun lounges
      • Private garden terraces
      • Natural creek and reflexology water feature
      • Waterfall, infinity lap pool with reef edges and circular pool
      • BBQ areas
Stage 2 rooftop recreation amenity

Architectural Statement by Rothelowman

105 – 117 Jane Street presents an exciting opportunity for high-quality apartment living unique to Brisbane. The sites immediate frontage facing Davies Park provides opportunities to explore the integration of vertical landscaping within the facade and opportunities to create an engaging street scape at ground levels.

Vertical greenery is expressed in the façade enriching urban biodiversity and explores life in a treehouse. Informed by its context the proposal explores the concept of biophilia and our desire to connect with nature and other forms of life.

The bold architectural response creates a strong identity unique to its context adjacent to the park. Living spaces orientated towards the Park and City to celebrate outdoor living and expansive views offered by the site.

Lower levels engage with the street providing an articulated street canopy that is scaled to complement the existing fig tree canopies immediately across the road. This combined with active retail facing Jane Street will ensure a vibrant and active street promoting outdoor dining, walkable footpaths and enhanced experience from the Brisbane River to Boundary Street.

Generous rooftop spaces offer a connection with landscape and provide high quality private and communal spaces for the residences, luscious landscaping, generous pools, barbecue areas and children’s playground offer a wide range of uses celebrating our outdoor lifestyle.

The proposal contributes to the future ambitions for West End, providing a high quality architectural and urban response to context. With a wide range of amenities within walking and cycle distance of the site make it an ideal location for a residential development.

According to the development application, the concept of the design is to present a building which appears as a living and breathing green facade and creates an architectural design statement within the surrounding area.

They have aimed to provide a strong green corridor along Jane Street which in turn enhances the subtropical design and walkability of the public realm and strengthens the site’s connections to Davies Park across the street.

The development application number for this project is A005008930.

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