A Taste of Manhattan Coming to Oxford Street

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Artist's impression of 'Manhattan Line'

Oxford Street Bulimba in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs is about to get a taste of Manhattan with the development of a new bar called ‘The Manhattan Line’ located at 126 Oxford Street, Bulimba.

Proposed by Baronebris Pty Ltd, the prominent 262sqm corner tenancy was formerly used by the Commonwealth Bank.

Proposed plan
Princess Street elevation drawing

The proposal includes the following:

  • A foyer
  • Alfresco dining area
  • Restroom facilities
  • Kitchen, cold rooms and dry storage area
  • Register/ food service/ bar area
  • Office
  • Outdoor area surrounded by an acoustic barrier
  • Car parking
  • Plant equipment room
  • Cosmetic upper level extension




Artist’s impression of entry foyer

Manhattan Line, which has been designed by Monocle Designs is predominantly a whiskey bar but will serve American street food and beer cocktails.

According to the development application:

Located on a prominent corner, the proposed development will positively contribute to the streetscape of both Oxford and Princess Streets. The development will not alter the building footprint or boundary setbacks of the existing building.

The development will transform the exterior aesthetic appearance of the building through the use of decorative features and appealing facade treatments that incorporate local materials. The building design will incorporate a bold palette and include new paintwork, decorative fretwork, timber detail and headers, decorative moulding and roof edging.

To further activate the buildings façade, the design also includes a cosmetic rear upper level extension that incorporates a steel metal frame on the roof at the rear of the development that incorporates brick veneer and a faux fire escape. This feature will extend the existing height of the building, providing verticality and creating a ‘Manhattan’ feel.


Artist’s impression of alfresco courtyard with hi bar seating
Artist’s impression of inside bar area

The proposed operating hours will vary from Monday – Sunday, between 7am to midnight and will have a seating capacity for approximately 60 people.

The DA number for this development is A004537219.

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