A Look Inside Broadbeach’s Newly Proposed 54 Storey Residential Tower

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Artist's impression of Class Broadbeach

A new 54-floor residential tower has been proposed by Broadbeach Joint Venture, associated with Brisbane real estate director John Kubatov.

Located at 2 Charles Avenue, Broadbeach, the tower would become the tallest building in Broadbeach and hold the least amount of apartments for one tower.

Known as CLASS, the glass-encased residential tower will accommodate just 46 holiday and permanent residences including 34 full-floor three-bedroom apartments, a three-level penthouse, five two-floor sky homes, as well as six two-bedroom apartments.

Designed by R H Frankland, the tower will be divided into four residential precincts: podium, low rise, high rise and sky rise, reflecting the varying apartment sizes.

Artist’s impression of proposed Class tower Broadbeach

There will also be two levels of recreation and common areas including pools, sauna, gym, bars, media room, office, relaxation zones and event spaces.

At street level, a grand concierge-style foyer featuring a ‘green’ living wall, water features and a restaurant with bar will greet residents and guests.

Artist’s impression of Class Broadbeach

The City of Gold Coast has just received the development application for the tower, which is planned for a 756 sqm corner site at the beach-end of Charles Avenue, right next to the area’s tallest existing building, the eastern Oracle tower.

Collectively, the joint venture partners will be spending more than $7 million securing the seven units in the two-level Kurrawa Lodge on the parcel.

While the site currently holds development approval for a 17-level residential-only building, the latest application seeks approval for short-term accommodation and multiple dwelling uses overall 46 apartments.

Mr Kubatov, who began purchasing and taking options on units in Kurrawa Lodge more than three years ago, said property research showed a gap in the market for ultra-high-end apartments at Broadbeach.

Artist’s impression of proposed overhanging rooftop pool above Class tower, Broadbeach

He said the unique position, just steps from the beach and adjoining high-end shopping, dining and entertainment, demanded a stunning world-class building.

“Ivan Lisinac of RH Frankland and Associates is the lead designer of the project and he has unveiled a jaw-dropping design for CLASS, which takes luxury apartment living to a whole new level.”

“Class Broadbeach will provide an accommodation experience unrivalled anywhere else on the Gold Coast and fill the high-end gap missed in the product mix of other developments in this distinct desirable area.”

“It will deliver a compelling accommodation choice for celebrities and highly affluent visitors who wish to stay in the central Gold Coast as well as those who wish to buy an exclusive part of beachfront Broadbeach.”

“The exposure and economic benefits for Broadbeach and the Gold Coast both nationally and internationally have the potential for an enormous ripple effect in many positive ways.”

“It will be an exceptional outcome for Broadbeach.”

The development application number for this project is MCU201800547.

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  • Interesting looking development. A lot of high end design concepts as compared to a lot of what’s being built currently.

    Incredibly amateurish visualisation though……a shame really. It’s hard to get a feel for what this could really look like.

  • Can someone please tell me …if this development has been approved as a “RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT” does this mean neighbouring property owners have no rights as to being advised of any development on this site?. Also who gets advise of these development changes as it has already making changes to the original application.
    I NOTE….
    While the site currently holds development approval for a 17-level residential-only building, the latest application seeks approval for short-term accommodation and multiple dwelling uses overall 46 apartments.

  • Small block of 756 m²?? Seriously… There are better sites nearby that could be done a lot better. Not big fan of the Neolithic pillars on top of the pool… may not be Class-Y enough for your discerning clientele

    However must agree there is a shortage if nonexistence of high end accommodation other than Oracle Tower.

    Welcome tasteful developments, but please use larger sites and offer residents more privacy/exclusivity.

  • This is diabolical. The Oracle body corporate should be taken to court for allowing it to happen. If the council allows it, they too should be sued. The towers on the GC are being stacked up with such density that it will soon be like a concrete jungle with everybody cast in shadow.

    How do they fit adequate parking into the project? What extraordinarily small balconies!

    The only people who will benefit from this trend are the greedy developers.

  • The Gold Coast Council are a bunch of morons for letting this go ahead! I feel sorry for apartment owners in Oracle. No apartment complex is safe with these types of apartments being developed!

  • As a past owner of 10 years of a 5th floor Apartment in the Oracle, I was appalled that the G.C.C.C. would be so shortsighted to permit this ill-conceived, cramped, selfish and money-grabbing concept on the site where it is planned. But then, it’s all about ‘money to GCCC coffers’ that drives this. For a so-called luxury apartment complex, the only thing luxury is the cost to other owners of adjoining sites. Their properties have fallen in value because of this, as indeed did I when I sold in 2010, and then it was only a ‘sparkle’ in someone’s eye. I did not wait around to see my investment dissolve before my eyes, however I am so sad for the very unwell lady who purchased for the sun, sea, sand and view.. All will now be lost for her.

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