A Batman-esque Inspired Development Proposed for New Farm

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Artist's impression of 44 Maxwell Street, New Farm

A development application has been submitted by Pointcorp to build a luxury five storey riverfront residential development located at 44 Maxwell Street, New Farm.

Designed by Elenberg Fraser, the project features numerous Batman-esque style design elements and comprises of 15 residential apartments facing the Brisbane River.

Artist’s impression of 44 Maxwell Street, New Farm

Development Breakdown:

  • x14 three bedroom apartments
  • x1 four bedroom apartment
  • x15 apartments total

The unique fan-like design helps to orientate all apartments to receive river vistas. The building also has a stepping down effect towards the river.

A heritage Tudor style residence which was built in 1933 and renovated in the 1960’s has been included in the proposal and will be retained and integrated into the overall development of the site. The proposal will also retain a large protected hoop pine on the site.

The apartments include a private terrace or balcony, with all units having access to the ground level and rooftop communal recreation areas, which includes a rooftop pool, outdoor kitchen and dining area, lounge areas, lawn areas and access to an existing jetty.

The building has been broken up into three main sections – the cave, the entrance, the verandah and the water garden.

Diagram of building break up

The materials and styles depicted in the development application for ‘the cave’ and porte cochere garage are reminiscent of the sophisticated style and design traits seen in the Batman movies.

According to the architects Elenberg Fraser, the building employs ‘destination lifting’ to provide direct access to the residences and private garages.

The existing heritage building is elevated to the south-east corner of the site reinstating it’s street presence.

The DA number for this development is A004598780.

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  • Beautiful. Really, really lovely. Can’t wait to see renders of the roof top “occupiable water terrain” (shallow pool, I’m guessing?), but I can’t think that the penthouse is just a little underwhelming…

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