91 Storey Skyscraper Proposed for 240 Margaret Street

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Artist's impression

World Class Land, the developer behind 30 Albert Street have proposed another 91 storey residential skyscraper which will reach the maximum height limit (274 AHD) allowed in Brisbane due to the ongoing Brisbane Airport radar shadowing issue.

The proposed tower has an identical height limit to the next door Brisbane Skytower development creating a unique twin tower visual appearance for Brisbane’s skyline.

Artist’s impression of the tower from the Botanic Gardens
Artist’s impression of tower from ground level.
Artist’s impression of tower from Kangaroo Point

Project Breakdown:

  • 2 x Penthouses (4 + 5 Bath)
  • 24 x 3 Bed 3 Bath
  • 36 x 3 Bed 2 Bath
  • 434 x 2 Bed 2 Bath
  • 110 x 2 Bed 1 Bath
  • 177 x 1 Bed 1 Bath
  • 783 Total Units

Design Intent

The concept of water is the binding design essence. The tower appears like a column of water rippling from the intensified top radiating down to the podium. The podium the counterpoint, a robust stone and masonry articulation anchoring the tower to the site.

Illustration of water ripple design

Just as the Brisbane River and the Kangaroo Point cliffs exist and relate to each other so do the podium and tower of 240 Margaret Street.

This conceptual abstraction of the natural context provides 240 Margaret Street with a number of strong resolutions in planning which are as follows:

  • The fluid form allows the proposal to respond to the neighbouring buildings by using the geometry to create shifting perspectives and spaces between;
  • Experiences can be made in both the real and abstract through forms and elements which germinate many dramatic points of difference to other CBD towers;
  • Ties the development to site, as the proposed site directly fronts the Kangaroo Point cliffs, Brisbane River and the City Botanic Gardens.

The 91 storey development is divided into 3 residential precincts, the low rise, high rise and sky rise which change in mix and apartment size as the different risers move up the towers. Between these 3 residential precincts neighbourhood centres are created as community spaces.

Up the tower these community hearts are planned with pools, dining and kitchen rooms, relaxation and event spaces within double height volumes and nestled in a subtropical landscape in an indoor outdoor environment. Open balconies punctuate the façade up to level 40 with controlled ventilation systems above this due to unfavourable wind conditions.

The top of the tower geometries shift to create a climax to the tower. The façade expression through horizontal bands or ‘ripples’ as the abstract water idea intensifies and reinforces the top of the tower in the skyline.

Recreation Decks:

There are four proposed residential recreation decks on level 6, 30/31, 49/50 and 83/84. The recreation zones comprise of pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, gyms and dining areas.

Retail is consolidated to adjoin the proposed retail of Brisbane Skytower to create a critical mass of retail that responds to the street. Retail is built to the boundary and in line with Skytower’s retail frontage

The DA number for this development is A004329531.

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