66 Storey ‘Au Tower’ Proposed for Southport

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Artist's impression

ASF the consortium behind the now defunct Wavebreak Island Cruise Terminal and Casino has applied to the Gold Coast City Council for a two tower development.

One tower will consist of 15 stories, the other 66 stories. The proposed towers will consist of 474 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments and 120 serviced apartments.

Designed by Cox Rayner Architects, The tower has been dubbed the “Au” the atomic symbol on the period table for gold.

ASF claims that the Gold Cladding of the Au has been chosen to differentiate the tower from others in Southport and will take on shades ranging from light green, to gold to blue depending on the suns position.

The Au is conveniently located adjacent to the light rail station and as such will only contain 472 carparks, with residents expected to rely on public transport.

The Au will provide feature retail and dining spaces at ground level and provide a public plaza and open space.

The Au represents and increased focus on architectural design in the Southport area and shows the confidence that developers have on what is set to become the Gold Coasts CBD.

The DA number for this development is 201600445.

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  • That looks really ugly in my opinion, it’s not gold, it’s puke brown with light green on it. But yeah build it, Southport needs more development…

  • K.P. your face looks like puke brown stfu what do you know about real estate or design? This will be the premier Southport tower once its finished.

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