$330 million Albion Mill Masterplan unveiled

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The unveiling of the $330 million Albion Mill Masterplan has revealed a design to carefully restore one of Brisbane’s most iconic heritage landmarks, and create a vibrant inner city village, signalling a return to the ‘village’ conscience that founded cities in the first place. FKP’s Executive General Manager of Developments Queensland Gary Kordic said in designing the Albion Mill Masterplan he was extremely aware of the role the historic mill and its immediate surrounds had played in the growth of Brisbane as a city, and how it was the centrepiece of the original Albion village. “The design of the Albion Mill Masterplan lays the foundation to recreate a dynamic, bustling inner city village; one which is symbolic of modern living, modern transport and modern connectivity, one which completes Brisbane’s village jigsaw and paves the way for village living in the future,” he said. “London is a city made up of a rich tapestry of villages – there’s the famous Notting Hill, Clapham, Hampstead, Mayfair, Blackheath and many, many more. Paris is another city defined by its villages and of course New York City is a huge jigsaw of smaller villages.

“Similarly Brisbane, with its excellent public transport systems and ‘walkability’, is a city where villages pepper the landscape, and we are committed to ensuring the Albion Mill completes the jigsaw, bringing a development with a sense of heart to the inner north.” “We can reveal the Masterplan will create the first major mixed-use development within Albion across the site spanning some 1.3 hectares. It’s urban renewal at its very best, creating a place people want to visit, a place where people want to live,” he said.

Kordic said the Masterplan will be developed over three stages, delivering a village-inspired community of residential, commercial and retail opportunities bonded together by a network of public spaces including streets, plazas and public transport.

More than 2,000sqm of new open public space will be created, to be known as La Strada. “The axis formed by La Strada has been carefully aligned to pay homage to the existing historic Flour Mill building,” said Mr Kordic. A vibrant mix of retail offers will line La Strada, Albion Road and Hudson Road, comprising approximately 2,500sqm.

The retail mix is envisaged to feature a fresh produce market and wine emporium, restaurants, concept bakery and café, boutique stores across fashion, homewares and lifestyle and specialty services. ‘La Strada’ (or central lane) design has been inspired by traditional European towns with an active street level of shops, cafés and restaurants with apartments above. La Strada will be a shared zone for pedestrians and vehicles, creating a dynamic, fluid thoroughfare.

FKP has carefully considered the design of La Strada, to allow for alfresco dining and the controlled movement of vehicles and pedestrians safely and easily through the village. The street narrows as it moves towards the plaza and the Flour Mill building to create a focal point and sense of drama.

The signature of the development is the historic Flour Mill building, with FKP carefully restoring this heritage landmark to take centre stage. It will become home to approximately 400sqm of retail on ground floor and 1,300sqm of commercial space in the upper floors. “These opportunities are completely unique to the retail and office market, with tenants an important factor in defining the character of the development,” he said.

The Masterplan is likely to include two more residential buildings, mirroring The Hudson in their design-orientation and luxury level fitout; infrastructure and commercial opportunities and associated underground car parking. At the northern most end, a smaller two story iconic-style building will mark the boundary – home to a flagship restaurant. Mr Kordic said that FKP had commenced initial discussions with Brisbane City Council with the aim to lodge a new Development Application for the Masterplan shortly.

Late last year The Hudson at Albion Mill was launched as the first stage of the Masterplan – a stunningly designed $87million building featuring 134 spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments. All penthouses have sold and there is strong demand from eager buyers of one and two bedroom apartments. Transport infrastructure, luxury finishes and proximity to the CBD are the biggest factors creating this appeal.

With apartments priced from $390,000 including car park, The Hudson at Albion Mill offers a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on this future potential of Albion. The Hudson Display Centre is now open from 10am-4pm daily, featuring extraordinary design and a full kitchen and ensuite. For more info call 1800 258 777 or visit www.albionmill.com.au

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  • Sounds like an exciting development! The concept of developing village-style centers around key public transport infrastructure is one I’m a big fan of.
    I hope the use of ‘green walls’ is carried out like what I can see in the renders.

  • The Mill has been sitting dormant for many years now and this is not the first time this developer has announced an ‘exciting’ development for this site…

    The developer has developed a habit of acquiring TOD sites in Brisbane with no outcomes.

    We shall see…

  • Fkp obviously took the easy way out and hired a goon to burn the mill down. Mongrels. Albion is a dump and now will remain as such. Just another useless high rise apartment was built, oh plus 1 measly cafe. Yeah thanks FKP.

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