$130 Million 27-Storey Tower Proposed for Wynnum CBD

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Artist's impression of Ora, Wynnum development

A development application has been submitted by HamBros Pty Ltd for a 27-storey mixed-use development located at 74 Charlotte Street and 89 Bay Terrace, Wynnum.

Known in the application as ‘Ora’, the project would be built behind the existing ‘Wynnum Shopping Centre’ and has been designed by Sarah Porter of Ivory Collective.

The project comprises of 275 one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as new retail and two levels of commercial space.

A full recreation level is planned for level 5 which includes a 528m2 restaurant and bar around a large pool terrace with wet deck, spa, sauna & steam rooms, private cabanas, cinema, bbqs, meeting rooms, wine rooms, gym and function rooms.

Artist’s impression of Ora, Wynnum development
Artist’s impression of Ora, Wynnum development
Artist’s impression of Ora, Wynnum development

“Wynnum CBD area has been left behind with no development occurring in the last 20 years. Land owners and businesses are left to struggle with reduced returns and trading days (5 if lucky) and reduced trading hours”.

“Most small businesses in the area lose money early week due to lack of volume and fixed overheads and struggle to make ends meet on weekends. Our project is to design to put Wynnum CBD on the “open for business” Map”.

“This landmark development, with a construction cost estimated at $130m will have a huge financial and community positive impact on the Wynnum CBD and surrounding areas”.

– HamBros Pty Ltd vision.

Artist’s impression of Ora, Wynnum development

The site sits within a ‘Major Centre Zone’ for Wynnum which allows for high density development. Detailed architectural rendering are still progressing and are currently shown as massing’s.

Project Rundown

  • Site area: 7,278m2
  • Number of residential apartments: x54 one bedrooms, x148 two bedrooms, x67 three bedrooms, x6 penthouses (x275 apartments total)
  • Building height: 26 levels + rooftop / 105m
  • Commercial space: 4,624m2
  • Retail space: 2,812m2
  • Lifts: x4 lifts (lift-ratio 1:67)
  • Communal space: 528m2 restaurant and bar around a large pool terrace with wet deck, spa, sauna & steam rooms, private cabanas, cinema, bbqs, meeting rooms, wine rooms, gym and function rooms
  • Car parking: x463 car spaces in total
  • Bicycle parking: x320 bike spaces
  • Developer: HamBros Pty Ltd
  • Architect: Ivory Collective
  • Town Planner: Gateway Survey & Planning
  • Sustainability: Deep planting proposed throughout. There is no planned provision for a rooftop solar PV system.
Proposed recreation deck level as part of Ora, Wynnum


Proposed Plans Part-1


Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A006009368.

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  • Way out of proportion for the area.
    Uneconomical design – look at this corridor sizes!
    Very odd ground to level 4 concept and I don’t think a restaurant would do well on L5 of an apartment building.
    Overall a very poor design.

  • Unbelievably ugly box reminiscent of a 1960’s hospital. The few palm trees on the roof are a laughable nod to ‘buildings that breathe’ strategy. I guess its the start of sleepy Wynnum becoming Brisbane’s own Sunshine Coast.

  • Well it’s a nice concept design, but is it really that suitable for an outlying suburb like Wynnum? 27 stories is alot of height compared to the surrounding buildings; is there really a demand for tall tower high-density living so far from Brisbane CBD?

    I pity the marketing department who has to sell the idea of sardine-packed-high-density-unit living over cost-comparable 2 storey townhouses and lower density units in the same suburb… Watch this space for the inevitable redesign to meet council approval/ current market demands.

  • It’s total Crap. Leave things the way they’re are.
    Money grabbing developers and local councillors are greedy people. Why spoil an iconic part of our heritage?
    Profit before people.

  • This is terrible .It will spoil Wynnum completely !!Far,far too high!!! It will be an eyesore .Wynnum has a charm .Dont spoilt it by putting up this gigantic monster of a building .Keep the unit towers at the height they are now.How can this be allowed ???

  • First up, the developer’s claim that there has been no development in the Wynnum cbd is simply nonsense.

    Secondly, this proposed development is so far out of kilter with everything around it, it will be a permanent eyesore for the Wynnum community.

    There are plenty of ways to rejuvenate the Wynnum cbd without building a monolithic ghetto.

    Kick this to the curb.

  • How shameful is this proposal?
    Take a look at Mitchelton on the Northside where developers destroyed a beautiful cosy street with an ugly monolith. We often travel to Wynnum with our grandkids on weekends and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the place. Put up an ugly high rise building and the beauty is forever gone. Very sad

  • Yes, agree the Wynnum area desperately needs redevelopment, but not like this. The apartment design is ugly and the height of 27 floors is ridiculous. A monstrosity like this placed directly on the ridge line of Bay Terrace should not be allowed. It is horrible. Is this really the best we can do to enhance our area? This needs to be stopped. Surely there is a better way.

  • This is the most unsuitable monstrosity ever proposed for the area. Yes agree, the Wynnum area desperately needs redevelopment, but not like this. This is huge 27 floors of totally out-of-keeping ugliness. This development needs to be stopped immediately. Is this really the best we can do in this day and age?

  • This proposal is clearly in breach of the approved Wynnum—Manly neighbourhood plan as published by Brisbane City Council. It clearly does not meet the bayside style required by the plan and in no way fits in with the character or any bayside area. It is more than 3 times the allowable height. The proposal shows contempt for residents needs and the area as well as BCC planning direction.

  • This proposal is total BS. I will fight this proposal tooth and nail with every possible legal way.

    This proposal will ruin our part of town and unique way of living.
    Such greedy and irresponsible council.

  • This is so out of proportion it’s just wrong. Sure develop the areas but something that isn’t a massive box that obstructs and detracts from the area.
    The code is there for a reason. And that reason is so that developers don’t build this.

  • Aden you are obviously not a true Wynnumite.
    This building is wrong.
    Stop these money grabbing developers from spoiling our Wynnum.

  • This is a monolithic and architecturally moribund project proposed for a town centre that is starting to show recovery as an eclectic low rise living environment with boutique shops and cafes. Should never be allowed..

  • This many levels in bayside Wynnum is a disgrace .It should be like Noosa with a height limitation . Maximum 6 to 10 levels .Our beautiful Bayside is going to resemble The Gold Coast .Australia has no idea how to keep places beautiful

  • This is a architectural disgrace we don’t need this vulgar height in the middle of Wynnum

  • Where is the environmental and social impact statement for such a disastrous scheme? Clearly no thought given to the surrounding environment or the residents of Wynnum. Business owners may benefit, but at what cost to the local area? Making money is not everything – NO TO THIS DEVELOPMENT!

  • How do we show our disgust at Brisbane council for even letting this proposal break wind – two of the worst type of persons in today’s world are developers and estate agents both of whom have no concern for “Joe blow” and these are the people who make Wynnum what it is – so they can shove the BS – go away and leave us alone – we don’t want you or your money ideas

  • Just to bring some sanity to comments of ‘disgust’ against the ‘greedy and irresponsible’ council – this proposal has been submitted by a developer to council, council haven’t approved it and they probably haven’t even started their assessment of it yet.
    In the unlikely event that they ignore their own plan and approve it in its current form then yes, you could say they were irresponsible etc, but until then these comments make no sense.

  • As a local resident I object completely to this development. Council has agreed height restrictions which are imposed to the inch for new residential developments, but their seems to be a different rule for large developments. Citing the council’s passing of the Stratton Terrace development in Manly as an example. But this current proposal is on another level, (literally). We do not wish to live in the Gold Coast or we would be living there. Wynnum will not be revitalised by the addition of a monstrous slum of the future, shading great areas and changing the infrastructure of our community. Why do people flock to Manly on the weekend from the city? Not just because of the beautiful bay, but because they enjoy the market and the village atmosphere that Manly offers. Wynnum still has that atmosphere, but it will be lost if high rise developments are allowed. Byron Bay and Noosa are great examples of how keeping development low (in their case below the tree line), creates a wonderful living environment, allowing light and greenery to dominate the urban landscape. The lack of high-rise has in no way impeded the revitalisation of these towns, in fact they are extremely popular not just because of the beautiful beaches and scenery but because of the lack of concrete towers and thefeeling of closeness and community living that lowest development encourages. The Gold Coast highrise vision of life is not sustainable nor is conducive to a connectivity to the land we live in. Please Council have a vision for the future not based on profit and reject this development in consideration of future generations to come.

  • I love the idea of development but come on this is just plan ugly and way way to high. The plaza development yes great but this tower is all wrong.

  • It is an unusual proposal for an area that doesn’t have any precedent to work with. If the local community are staunchly against it, one would presume a character area appraisal should be undertaken and thereafter see if any heritage, environmental, communal, and aesthetic values are impacted by this.

    Inevitably, I foresee such proposals coming and going, but the bottom line is that Wynnum is a desirable area for property demand and will continue as such.

    Perhaps the solution is to lower the amount of floors by 8-10 and seek to design a project that meets all the necessary requirements for sustainable property development for Brisbane’s subtropical environment.

  • what a complete eyesore. One can only hope that the application for 27 stories is not an ambit claim hoping to be allowed 10-12! It’s happened before. This is not the Gold Coast and the argument for increasing weekend traffic to traders is ridiculous. Come and see what weekends are like in Wynnum. Go away HamBros

  • Such an atrocity! How shameful to even allow it to come to light. Go back to the drawing board. Wynnum does not need to be gentrified. It needs sustainable and affordable housing. Not eye sores that start at $1m for a studio!

  • Absolutely revolting. What a horrible thought. I failed to see how this eyesore adds anything but overcrowded living. Wynnum lacks the infrastructure to deal with a massive population explosion. This tower would end up being a massive eyesore to our beautiful bay! Shame on the people who even think this is ok!

  • I agree with everyone’s concerns over height. 27 stories is patently ridiculous and unsuited to the area. I assume it is a ploy to negotiate with Council to get approval for as many as they can get. I’d be comfortable for an approval of up to 8 stories so long as the overall effect is not the Soviet style atrocity being proposed. What an awful design.
    If approval is achieved for significantly higher then there will be serious questions to be answered Mr Council. I think, as residents, we should now be engaging our local and state members.

  • The sewer pipe down Charlott St wont cope & electricity mains wont cope A double BROWN OUT you also need a proof reader & please tell mewhat are all the tower cranes doing ? catching pigeons ! DID they teach Ethics where YOU learnt architecture or did YOU skip class NO DEVELOPMENT IN 20 YEARS B.S. =bovine excrement

  • Ivory seems to have got the feedback needed to slide out version 2.0 Left hand watch the right hand lol….

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