Winners of 4000 Ideas Competition 2018 Announced

Artist's impression of 'Nexus proposal' - winning entry of the 4000 Ideas Design Competition for 2018 by Jeremy Wooldridge.
Artist's impression of 'Nexus proposal' - winning entry of the 4000 Ideas Design Competition for 2018 by Jeremy Wooldridge.

The 4000 Ideas Brisbane City Design Competition, sponsored by Brisbane City Council, has announced the winning designs at an awards ceremony at the Brisbane Powerhouse last week.

Brisbane’s future architects have been asked to create a design concept for the site of Brisbane Metro’s new Cultural Centre station portal.

The Brisbane City Council plans to procure the design and construction of the new station through a collaborative partnership with industry. The proposed ideas from the competition are welcomed, but will not form part of Brisbane Metro project.

The winning design and first prize which was determined through a judging panel was awarded to UQ architecture student Jeremy Wooldridge for his design of 1A (Nexus – click to download) of the South Bank Metro Portal site.

According to Jeremy, the site is more than just a node, it is a space or collective hub of interaction and culture for all types of people.

Winner of 4000 Ideas Competition
Winner of 4000 Ideas Competition

The design involves a glowing terrace landscape that rises from the ground creating a multi-level sub-tropical destination comprising of the new metro station below, activated ground plane with an extension of the Grey & Melbourne street retail, a new bike storage facility and an elevated plaza and garden.

“The future of Brisbane is an exciting time for all.

the NEXUS proposal hopes to capture the imagination and curiosity that lies within us all to create something special for Brisbane”. – Jeremy Wooldridge

The winner for the second prize, as well as people’s choice award, was QUT architecture student Deborah Morris for her design of ‘The Portal’ (click to download) which was a popular choice which recorded 616 votes.

3C - The portal
3C – The portal

According to Deborah, the Portal’s main conceptual driver is the nature of human movement, the act of being in transit.

“Commuting takes up a large amount of time in our lives; and is often a time of the day where people tune out and turn on autopilot on their way to work or home. They are often not engaged in their surroundings while transiting, as their current surroundings lack creativity, and are often quite bleak”.

“Most people who commute by train or bus rarely get to experience an abundance of nature on the way to their destination, especially within the CBD. It is proven that being exposed to nature is good for human mentality and health – why not experience this everyday and not just on the weekend?”

The Portal from DEBORAH MORRIS on Vimeo.

“Brisbane’s Cultural Centre is at the forefront of becoming a major transport hub in Brisbane’s CBD and what is needed is a community space where people are comfortable to congregate to, a space to have a rest amongst the gardens, read a book while waiting for their train, grab a coffee, even watch people perform their chosen art form in the creative spaces.” – Deborah Morris

The Portal is a place to meet

– A central hub

– A landmark

– A building Brisbane can be proud of.

First prize consists of $3,500 prize money as well as a six-month internship at Plus Architecture. The runner-up gets a $2,000 cash prize and the people’s choice award consisted of $1,000 prize money.

If you have a Brisbane redevelopment site idea for next year’s 4000 Ideas Competition, we’d like to hear about it. Please send your ideas to The main sponsors involved in this years competition were Brisbane City Council, Plus Architecture, Scape, CBRE and

For more information about 4000 Ideas Competition visit

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