Metro Lodges DA for Riverview Towers, Kangaroo Pt


Metro Properties has lodged a new DA for a residential tower development known as ‘Riverview Towers’ located at 36 – 48 Lambert Street & 67 Cairns Street, Kangaroo Point.

The proposal is for a 22 storey residential development delivering a total of 253 residential units. The units are a combination of regular and ‘Alfresco’ style units to provide a varied product through the development.

The proposed development includes:

  • 239 residential units within the tower over 21 storeys inclusive of 3 subpenthouse units (84 to 106 m2 on level 21) and 5 penthouse units (100+ m2 on level 22),
  • A rooftop landscaped sky terrace for tenant use (on Level 23),
  • 14 residential street-side units affronting Lambert Street over 2 storeys,
  • Provision of a gym and meeting room on Level 1 (ground floor),
  • External landscaped and recreation spaces at Level 1 including a lap pool, sunlounge terraces, barbeque and breakout areas and landscaped private terraces to the ground level units,
  • Rooftop plant,
  • 3.5 levels of secure basement carparking providing 241 car parking bays (inclusive of 13 visitor car parking bays), 26 motor cycle parking bays and 253 cyclist parks,
  • Garbage storage and pick up located within the basement car park area.
The site encompasses an area of aprox 3,291m2.

This will become Metro’s 8th residential development project.

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  1. Absolutely do not want another high rise in Kangaroo Point – traffic and parking will become nightmarish. Will be writing to council to oppose this DA.

  2. Can someone explain how a building can be built without allowing at least 1 carpark per unit? 239 units with 241 carparks, of which 13 are visitor carparks? The streets are chock full of vehicles now! A unit without a carpark is useless.

  3. This is not an attractive piece of architecture, excessively high, with the proposal not allowing for nearly enough car parking. The streets around the area are already bursting at the seams with parking a particular problem. What are the buildings green credentials? Half the size with the same amount of parking would make it more acceptable. At the moment yet another blot on the landscape. Where are the architects with vision in Brisbane?

    • I have to totally disagree with you here KangaRoo. Why do we want to encourage people to drive to work and cause traffic congestion in the first place? And size is not an issue… Why should we be building short stumpy towers?? Brisbane isn’t a small town anymore!

  4. Eric, KangaRoo is right and who is encouraging anyone to drive to work? You can walk.ride or catch a ferry but you will probably still have a car to go to the beach, the shops or whatever. So it stays at home during the week. And in most case a 2 bed unit will have 2 people sharing and both with cars. I lived in Lambert St for 4 years and even then the parking was almost impossible. People catch the ferry but drive and leave their cars.


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