New Facade Unveiled & Brisbane’s Retail Boom


Update – The Wintergarden’s new interactive facade has been unveiled at a VIP launch last week. The facade uses thousands of small LED lights to mimic the environment around us and can be programmed for special events. The facade is a first in Australia and signifies Brisbane’s growing appetite for modern public art.

Brisbane’s CBD is rapidly becoming a national retail destination as luxury designers and new brands are pouring into the City.

Design plans have been released of GUCCI’s first Brisbane store which features GUCCI’s trademark gold facade treatment (PDOnline code A003318415). The shop, which is currently undergoing a refit is located on Edward Street in the Canegrowers building.

Video by Av1MediaTube

GUCCI, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Canali and Chanel are the latest luxury designers to set up in the Edward Street precinct which is now becoming known as a luxury designer street, while Mont Blanc, Canturi, Longchamp and Salvatore Ferragamo are expecting to open soon. Louis Vuitton is also undergoing an expansion to become a duel level corner store.

Although not on Edward Street, there are unconfirmed reports of Topshop/Topman signing a lease for the old Borders site.

Meanwhile, stage 2 of the Wintergarden will be opening Tuesday this week with the façade unveiled to the public this morning.

Stage two will see some old brands return to the Wintergarden, as well as new labels such as Ben Sherman, Sambag, Camper, Coach, Dinosaur Designs and Lee Jeans. A complete list of known brands going into stage 2 are below:

  • Always Habit
  • Bessie Head
  • Ben Sherman
  • Blooms
  • Camper
  • Coach
  • Cue
  • Dinosaur Designs
  • Dirtbox
  • Flower
  • French Connection
  • Lee
  • Lisa Ho
  • Maggie T
  • Mecca Maxima
  • Oxford
  • Peter Sheppard
  • Pistols at Dawn
  • Rockport
  • Sambag
  • Scanlan & Theodore
  • Seed
  • Shieke
  • Tommy Hilfiger

View Luxury Brands on Edward St. in a larger map


  1. Sorry to say it, but I reckon the new Winter Garden facade is an absolute eyesore. It will be without a doubt one of those buildings that in a few years time people will say what were they thinking when they designed that.

  2. I quite like this, it’s different and adds some colour to our sub-tropical city that is starting to look a little mono-chrome.

  3. I really have to say the new Wintergardens just adds so much value to the inner city of Brisbane. Brisbane CBD has arrived! I love the stores and the merchandising within the centre. Great brands, fresh approach to design and very modern. I review retail every day all around the world and I very proud to see this happen in Brisbane. Well done to the owners and developers and the designers! I loved the opening ceremony too…how cool was that? Also anyone reading this check out Grill’d on the very upper level and some of the fashion stores..Wow! Debra Young – retail consultant

  4. The Wintergarden, on the Queen Street Mall (QSM), does nothing but turn a person off of that end of the mall. The people that decided on the design to apply, obviously do not have to spend any time in the QSM.
    The designs on Edward Street are OK, but in Queen Street – the results are nothing past `a blinding reflection/summer sunburn’. The different angles of the butterfly wings, makes sure to catch the reflection of the sun any time of the day. Wait till Summer returns…..
    The choice of reflective material is ‘stupid’! A person cannot enjoy it…. they only go blind!


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