Pradella to develop project in Kangaroo Point


Pradella has lodged a DA to develop a site at 119 Shafston Avenue in Kangaroo Point.

Designed by Rothelowman White architects, the design of the apartment building has been deliberately oriented to maximise exposure to both northern daylight and the prevailing south easterly breezes of Brisbane.

The plan includes estensive landscaping, pool and multi-purpose room.







The project consists of 112 apartments

  • 57 – 1 Bedrooms
  • 48 – 2 Bed, 2 Baths
  • 7 – 3 Bed, 2 Bath apartments

DA Number: A003719608

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  1. great design, pity this apartment uses the zoning from shafton avenue to get its 8 storey build height, yet its driveway access is off the currently quiet dead end street of connor street where the build height it 2 stories and zoned to keep the character housing of tin and timber in this part of kangaroo point.

    Sadly the development at the top of connor street will have almost as many apartments, cars and residents as the rest of the suburb has houses between pineapple park and shafton avenue. This goes against the council’s aim to maintain the aesthetic of this neighbourhood where existing residents have strongly opposed development drawing traffic through what was a quiet suburb and zoning high rise density developments that would overshadow small workers cottages.

    It may be a different story if the access to these developments was off shafton avenue thus allowing the development to take place without having the negative aspect of traffic and noise on the surrounding cottages and houses.

  2. An uninspiring design and an impost on local residents. Many local residents wrote submissions against this violation of our neighbour plan. We were all but ignored by an LNP more interested in making the rich richer. A neighbour has already sold as a direct result of their house being in it’s shadow, and parking traffic is about to become a nightmare. The people who made the irresponsible decision to allow this monster should be invested for corruption. Locals have no love for these greedy, selfish rent-seeking developers who care nothing about Kangaroo Point, or Brisbane, but only about getting their way and making fortunes.


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