One One One Eagle Nearing Total Completion


For the past two years Brisbaneites have been watching GPT’s One One One Eagle Street rise from the dust of the former 18 level Indigo House.The 55 level six star green star rated tower promised to set new benchmarks in Brisbane office innovation, and that it has done.

The building is inspired from the way plants grow upwards, towards the light. A structure of branches binds the building together, giving it an organic nature that echoes the growing canopy in the nearby Fig Tree Plaza.

One One One has been fitted out with the latest state-of-the-art technology. In the last week, LED lights fixed to the support columns which look like tree branches have been undergoing testing. The bright lights are a permanent fixture of the building and will animate at night.

In an Australian first, the Hong Kong style exterior lighting will ‘pulsate’ at night, appearing as though the entire building is breathing. The lights will be switched on permanently in a matter of weeks.

The latest in elevator technology has also been used with smart elevators allocating a lift based on your destination floor. Using a proximity key, the system allocates people to particular lifts in order to improve efficiency and reduce lift waiting times.

Meanwhile, preparations for the new One Eleven Bistro and espresso bar have been gearing up as tenants slowly begin to move in. It was revealed last year that Ernst & Young secured signage rights for the building. Signs have since been erected on the river facing side of the tower, with plans for a western facing sign as well.

ANZ have also signed on for 7,000sqm of office space along with Ernst & Young’s top five levels of pre-commited office space. The tower is now close to being fully tenanted.

One One One Eagle Street officially opens in mid August and is set to raise the bar for Brisbane commercial architecture and innovation. The video below has been created by one of the many firms moving into One One One Eagle.


  1. building is officially completed, minor works are being completed.
    stay tuned for the first of August; you will see something spectacular.

  2. It will look amazing at night Mj, but I think it looks far better in the day time. With the right angle this building is almost invisible, with the bright blue sky reflecting on it. I love it.

  3. Of course, this building is a tribute to those previous highrise icons, the blue (Comalco) and gold (AMP) buildings…very clever, Harry S. would be impressed!

  4. guys- you are right along side the best high rise architecture in Australia and unfortunately, despite all your hype-you fall way short.
    Seidler would have strongly objected to this proposal occuring within the neighbourhood of his built work- (which will become a classic in contemporary design).

  5. This building is what happens when a bad architect reads a few too many architecture magazines, and think that doing random shapes is a good idea. The result is this anti-context and uncivilised building, exuding a staggering lack of decorum on the wonderful site that is Brisbane’s waterfront.
    It also reveals the absolute stupidity and rampant subjectivity of architecture today. This was the winner of a competition – the jury probably thought they were getting a B-team Libeskind or something.


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