New Design Proposed for 30 Albert Street


World Class Land’s proposal for a new 91 level residential tower at 30 Albert Street has been redesigned and now features a striking blue and gold glass design.

The new development application has been proposed to replace the previously council approved submission.



The following changes have been made to the development.

Transferrable Site Area (TSA)

Transferrable site area rights has allowed for a proposed site footprint increase of 431 sqm to a total of 2,438 sqm.

TSA is a process whereby a owner of a heritage building or place transfers the right to develop the site to another site for development in exchange for upholding and protecting the heritage of a building or place.

In the case of 30 Albert street, World Class Land has purchased 275m2 of TSA from 295-299 Queen Street who is owned by Bloomberg Incorporated as well as 157m2 from 308 Queen Street which is owned by Primewest Funds Limited.

A similar process was undertaken for Aria’s 171 Edward Street, which allowed for a site area increase of around 13.4%.

Residential Apartments

Residential apartments have increased from 732 units to 857 units and changes to the mix of units have been made.


An increase in the amount on non-residential space from 636 sqm to 956 sqm at ground level and in the podium.

The updated development application provides awnings to the intersection of Albert and Margaret Streets to provide protection and to maintain a comfortable city environment for pedestrians.

Podium form design has been changed at the corner of Albert Street and Beatrice Lane to increase the distinction of the podium.

Artist's impression of proposed podium level of 30 Albert Street
Artist’s impression of proposed podium level of 30 Albert Street
Artist's impression of proposed podium level of 30 Albert Street
Artist’s impression of proposed podium level of 30 Albert Street


The proposal will include an additional basement to provide a total of seven basement levels.

The total number of car spaces is proposed to increase from 298 spaces to 304 spaces. The layout of the basement and podium car parking levels is proposed to change, including car park dimensions, aisle widths and ramping.

The layout of the car parking areas has been changed to reduce the number of proposed tandem spaces and increase the number of individual spaces.

Communal Space

The amount of communal recreation space (indoor and outdoor) is proposed to increase from 2,991m2 to 3,283m2. The development also proposes to include a double height communal recreation space at the top of the podium that will overlook Beatrice Lane.

The DA number for this proposed development is A004462280.


  1. Not that this was going to be a beautiful building in the first place, but what is now proposed is simply disgusting! Another boring box for Brisbane. Height restrictions need to be lifted, we can’t end up with a city formed of a plateau of buildings!

  2. I think I much preferred the existing design.

    Agree w James; any updates on council’s progress with increasing height ceilings? I’m sick of developers bypassing BNE and going to the GC for tallest buildings.

  3. This new design is a cheap and tacky update to what was an interesting and elegant original design. On the height of buildings: we shouldn’t be obsessed with height of buildings but rather massing; incorporating massive towers next to one another is bad for neighbouring units and hinders outward view/amenity. Increasing height restrictions does not make a more beautiful city skyline. This shouldn’t be a pissing contest about which city’s building is taller…

  4. So after a year what has happened?
    This site next to Abian is still empty and should be opened up into a downtown green area with a bit of shade.
    The 2016 design proposal is abominably ugly and ‘cheap charlie’ looking. There are enough high rises downtown and my established view from Mary Street is increasing blighted by these recent monstrosities.


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