Infinity to rise above all others


Infinity Tower by Meriton is about to start pushing above the Brisbane CBD canopy. Like Soleil, around this time in 18 months, Infinity will be a defining landmark on the skyline, outstripping Soleil – our current tallest by several metres to 249m.

The tower which appears to have two different faces will rise a staggering one floor every four days.

According to James Lampropoulous, Meriton’s sales manager, prices in Infinity are very competitive compared to our southern counterparts.

A similar product to Infinity costs around 40-50% more in southern capitals. This is having a significant influence on the target, with a large amount of investment coming from China.


  1. Thought i read somewhere that they were pushing for an even taller tower, or did that already happen? At 249m tall it should serve as a great western beacon for the CBD, far better that Park Regis. With Margeret Street Tower at the South Eastern Point and Soleil over at the Northernish point it should be a nice little high tower triangle!

  2. Standing west of Brisbane CBD (around Red Hill, Paddo) and looking east, this building is aesthetically fine…stnding in the CBD and around South Brisbane however, it screams “Surfers Paradise”…looks tacky like a giant advertising billboard in downtown Tokyo. So it is a building with two faces, but only if Triguboff could tone down the “international modern” bright white on black this building would be improved.


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