Ideas to transform Brisbane


The Brisbane City Council has put out a number of transformative ideas as part of it’s new City Centre Master Plan.

As part of the Ideas Fiesta, Council has invited leading design teams, students, business, and the community to put forward their ideas for how the city centre could evolve.

Council has identified 16 key areas in the inner city for potential transformation.

Council has released a range of ideas submitted by leading design teams. These ideas are aspirational and are intended to stimulate conversation and capture the attention and imagination of the community.

The following transformative ideas are from leading design teams in Brisbane.

More ideas can be found on the Brisbane City Council social hub.

Vote for your favourite idea to transform Brisbane:

1. Kangaroo Point BridgeRichard Kirk Architects

2. Retail Heart – Urbis

3. Northern Gateway – Owen and Vokes and Peters

4. Central Station – Bureau Proberts Urban Art Projects

5. Petrie Terrace – Conrad Gargett Riddel

6. City West – Architectus

7. Roma Street – Hassell

8. Queen’s Wharf – Lat27

9. Woolloongabba Link – AECOM

10. Albert Street – Tract Consultants

11. Queen Street to River – Place

12. Howard Smith Wharves – Akhefield

13. Riverstage – BVN Donovan Hill

14. City Botanic Gardens – Urbis

15. City Reach – Archipelago

16. River to Ridge – Aspect Studios


  1. Do them all!! As a Town Planning student, I think all these are fantastic ideas to regenerate Brisbane, especially if incorporated with ground breaking architecture to bring in the tourists. I did a project at uni where I transformed Albert St into a mall. I believe it is something that would be great for Brisbane CBD, especially as the end towards the Botanic Gardens is quite drab.
    Also, the Kangaroo Point Bridge should be a priority. With the amount of apartments right across from the CBD but only having the ferry or driving over the story bridge, it would such a convenient option for Kangaroo Point residents. Everytime I’ve driven from Caxton St to Petrie Terrace and waiting at the lights looking at Roma Street Station, I always imagine a development above the rail lines. So much potential over wasted space

  2. Also as a town planning student, I felt that there is a few of them should be given an absolute priority in order to ensure the central city regeneration project turns out to be successful. I especially like the new Central Station. As far what I have noticed, the designers of a new Central Station take a deep consideration on its historical significance of a old station terminal which has been largely neglected since the infamous Central upgrade project of the 1960s which has destroyed the historical significance of the station. A redevelopment of Central Station will surely encourage more people to take public transport, and as well as firmly establish Brisbane as an international image of Australia’s New World City.

    I adore the Petrie Terrace concept!!! I drive on Petrie Terrace toward City Centre quite common and I hate the open-cut busway that lies alongside to the busy arterial road. I keep wondering why the architects of old Inner Northern Busway didn’t pursue the tunnel design under Petrie Terrace? A new buildings over the top of Northern Busway would definitely make it look a lot better and Petrie Terrace would seem a lot more urbanised and closer to the City Centre. There are hundreds of street trees along the kerbs of Petrie Terrace, and if all of these trees are being preserved while buildings are being developed on the Northern Busway, Petrie Terrace will look a lot better with new buildings on one side and historical Victoria Barracks on other with beautiful trees along the kerbs. It will surely vastly improve from a neglected area of the City Centre into a modern expanded CBD zone.

  3. This is awesome! This all should happen and not be pushed back or avoided. This city has so much potential and I love seeing it grow. I get excited when I see a new construction underway.

  4. Brisbane has always been an emerging city, kick started by Expo 88, Southbank, then the Goodwill Games and now the G20. We have always had the opportunity to introduce the latest ideas, urban design principals and push boundaries. Glad Council has asked for this from the industry, as there are some special responses amongst the great ideas. Great City to be part of and watch the blank canvas transform.


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