Griffith University in negotiations with Qld Government for Brisbane Live precinct campus

Conceptual rendering of Griffith University's proposed Brisbane Live precinct tower campus
Conceptual rendering of Griffith University's proposed Brisbane Live precinct tower campus

Griffith University is in discussions with the Queensland Government for a large new 55-storey CBD campus office tower located above the new Roma Street Cross River Rail station, as part of the Brisbane Live precinct.

The tower would house Griffith University lecture theaters, study and workspaces, as well as student accommodation and is estimated to cost around $280 million to construct.

Located above the Cross River Rail underground as well as surface rail and the new underground Brisbane Metro and Northern Busway, the campus would be the most connected in Queensland.

The campus would also become the new hub for the university’s business, law and I.T schools and would take up the majority of the tower from levels 15 to 55.

Close up conceptual rendering of Griffith University's proposed Brisbane Live precinct tower campus
Close up conceptual rendering of Griffith University’s proposed Brisbane Live precinct tower campus

Queensland State Development Minister Kate Jones told the Courier Mail the $5.4bn Cross River Rail being constructed would make southeast Queensland one of the most connected regions in Australia and “having Griffith University in the heart of the CBD where thousands of local workers and students can take advantage makes sense.

“As huge employers, universities will be crucial to Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19,” Minister Jones said.

Original master-plan of Brisbane Live precinct
Original master-plan of Brisbane Live precinct

Since the very beginning, when the Brisbane Live precinct was first mooted back in May 2016, there was a plan for an educational facility however today’s announcement confirms that the precinct could become home to a second major CBD university hub which would rival QUT’s Gardens Point campus.

According to Griffith University’s strategic plan for 2020-2025, the the ground floor of new buildings will include space to draw in and engage the general public in areas including arts, public debate, scientific developments and community services.

Demolition of the old Roma Street Transit Centre is nearing completion with tunneling works for Cross River Rail now well underway.


  1. this building is way too high. should reduce this precinct to a max height of 25 floors to allow wind, and sunlight to penetrate the street level gardens

    • I totally agree. And this prime location should be usable by a broad spectrum of interests and not confined to just educational purposes.

  2. This is such good news, it would really revitalise that end of the CBD. Having a university campus there will bring life and activity into the evenings, plus being above aroma Street Station will make it easy for students to access.

  3. My partner works for Griffith and these plans are possibly outdated as it was said they were buying up land at sth bank area and having all the uni campus together in one area and closing down the Griffith Nathan living campus buildings so students would be more likely to want to stay close to the city where things are open instead of in the bush on a mountain where there is nothing and transport is poor with connections.


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