Early Brisbane Metro tunneling works commencing on Adelaide Street


Early works are underway for the Adelaide Street tunnel as the tender for Australia’s most advanced transport depot to be awarded.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said he was excited to kick off 2021 with the release of a new flythrough of the Brisbane Metro which highlights future changes for the city.

“Brisbane Metro is much more than just an Australian-first fully electric transport project, it’s just as much about local jobs and economic stimulation for our growing city,” Cr Schrinner said.

“As seen in the new flythrough, the tunnelling under Adelaide Street provides an opportunity for us to revive this major thoroughfare with wider footpaths, new seating and greenery and improving wayfinding for residents and visitors.

Architectural rendering of Adelaide Street
Architectural rendering of Adelaide Street

“For the first time, this vision shows the downstream placement of the new two-way cycle way on the Victoria Bridge which will run alongside dedicated pedestrian pathways, with three lanes for Brisbane Metro and bus services. Victoria Bridge will close to general traffic on Sunday, January 24.

“The Cultural Centre Station will also be upgraded to deliver a new people friendly gateway to the Culutral Forecourt with wider footpaths, landscaping and improved pedestrian connectivity.

Architectural rendering of North Quay River Veranda
Architectural rendering of North Quay River Veranda

“This year, the highly-technical early works to guide the Adelaide Street tunnelling and construction activities at the depot facility at Rochedale will progress and really ramp up ahead of major construction getting underway later in the year.

“The depot will house 60 fully electric Metro vehicles and will be one of the largest and most technologically advanced facilities in Australia.”

Brisbane Move Collaborative Partnership Manager Jose Antonio Sanchez said he was thrilled to be progressing the design for the Brisbane Metro major infrastructure works.

New Brisbane Metro at Griffith station
New Brisbane Metro at Griffith station

 “Over the next 12 months will see several major milestones achieved, including finalising the design, opening of our Visitor Centre on Adelaide Street mid-year and progressing early works for the Brisbane Metro end of route charging facilities.”

Cr Schrinner said Team Schrinner’s $1.2 billion Brisbane Metro project was a key contributor to Brisbane’s economic recovery following the flow-on effects of coronavirus.

“The Brisbane Metro will support 2600 jobs, with more than 500 of those jobs to be generated in 2021 alone,” he said.

Public and Active Transport Chair Ryan Murphy said so much progress had already been made on this city-shaping project, which he looked forward to seeing progress further in 2021.

“So much detailed investigation and planning work has to happen behind the scenes before we can break ground and start digging tunnels through the heart of the CBD,” Cr Murphy said.

“We have already upgraded several intersections in South Brisbane and CBD, commenced early site investigation works in the CBD and at Herson, started sewer relocation at South Brisbane, commenced early works at the Rochedale depot site and awarded the contract for the delivery of the electric Metro vehicles, which will be the first of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

“I think we’re all looking forward to major construction starting this year, where we will start to feel like Metro is really taking shape, but there are many exciting milestones scheduled in the coming days, weeks and months as well.

“Today we’ve launched an online visitor information centre that residents can access without leaving their homes.

“This virtual room houses the latest project information with artist impressions, videos and FAQs and will provide residents with updates at the click of a button.”


  1. In that video rendering, there is still no shading on the Victoria Bridge pedestrian pathways like what has been requested by the Labor state government, once again the LNP city council is showing how far they will go to ignore any meaningful change in the city. Walking across the bridge in summer is hell and is a huge reason as to why a lot of people jump on a bus across the bridge instead of walking even though it’s such a short distance. Build the damn shading!

  2. So they changed the bike lanes to the other side of the bridge, still no divide to separate foot traffic from bike lanes because you know people will spread out while walking, and the bike lanes just end on the other side of the bridge at Qpac re-joining foot traffic. What is the point of the bike lane?
    I also note the no longer are doing the under ground station and all buses still go through the one station area.
    And entering and exit/entry portal to the rest of the busway just past the train line.
    So what are we actually achieving in all this?

  3. 6 years on and a project that achieves nothing in terms of meaningful change in PT in Brisbane, its a glorified bendy bus system when Brisbane really needs a UQ to Newstead underground metro line


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