Brisbane Airport Pushing for Skygate Station

Brisbane Domestic Airtrain Station. Photo by

Brisbane Airport Corporation has revealed that it is currently in talks with Airtrain Holdings Limited, the company that owns and runs Brisbane Airtrain and the state government for a market-led Skygate station proposal.

The third station on the airport line would likely be located near the Novotel hotel side of the precinct which has direct access through the 24 hour Woolworths Skygate and onto DFO.

Potential station location
Potential station location in red. Source: Google Maps

While the exact site is not yet known, a study is being conducted to determine the station’s location as well as operational and funding details.

According to the Brisbane Times, Brisbane Airport Corporation’s head of property development George Delibaltas said a train station at that location, which the elevated Airtrain directly passed, would open the precinct up to more customers.

“Access to train infrastructure is one of the main considerations for many office developments, so that’ll fuel the office market we have out here at the moment.”

He also said that a train station was key to fuel demand for future development around the Skygate precinct which could include a new cinema.

It is not yet known what the ticketing arrangement would be for the Skygate station. Currently it costs $17.50 for a one way adult fair from the CBD to Brisbane Airport.

The last elevated rail station which has been built in South East Queensland was Springfield Central which opened to the public on the 2nd of December, 2013.

Springfield Central Station. Photo by
Springfield Central Station. Photo by


  1. Why don’t they also do what what they’ve done in Hong Kong so that you check in and check your bags at the train check in so there are none of the usual airport hassles.


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