New Tower to Complete South Brisbane Student Accomodation Precinct

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Artist's impression of new Scape South Brisbane student accommodation.

A new student accommodation tower has been proposed by Scape which will see the completion of a entire precinct block of student accommodation developments in South Brisbane.

Located at 41-47 Tribune St the development is 17 storeys high and would contain 471 rooms upon completion.

Artist’s impression of new Scape South Brisbane student accommodation.

The semi-basement, laneway and podium levels of the development include significant activation with spaces that could accommodate a range of uses, which will be in the form of:

  • A coffee shop
  • A verandah bar
  • Retail tenancies
  • Gallery spaces
  • Flexible retail spaces for food trucks and the like

A total of 453m2 of retail GFA is proposed.

An landscaped rooftop study deck/terrace have also been included to provide communal outdoor recreation areas that are removed from the on grade noise of Tribune Street.

An outdoor communal area will be provided with BBQ facilities, casual dining areas, private seating and break-out spaces, promoting a sense of outdoor living.

Internally, the proposed development also accommodates significant opportunities for common amenity facilities which will include social / break-out spaces, quiet study areas, shared kitchen / dining area, hi-tech IT, and laundry facilities.

A large new arcade/plaza area is planned for an under-utilised laneway which runs through the development.

Artist’s impression of new Scape South Brisbane student accommodation.
Artist’s impression of new Scape South Brisbane student accommodation.

Designed by Plus Architecture, the project consists of various principals which have been taken from Brisbane City Council’s ‘Buildings that Breathe Design Guide’.

Key Principals

  1. Orientate Yourself
  2. Occupy Outdoor Spaces
  3. Illuminate with Natural Daylight
  4. Natural Air and Ventilation
  5. Shade and Protection
  6. Living Greenery
  7. Identity Matters
  8. Reduce Energy and Waste

According to the development application, the project’s key architectural feature is a 13 storey ‘green turrets’ at the stepped in portion of the building at Tribune Street.

Artist’s impression of new Scape South Brisbane student accommodation.

We consider these to be landmark design features which provide an entry to the Southbank parklands to the north. Although not an identified a ‘significant corner site’, we consider this site to be within a transition area and a ‘gateway’ to the popular South Bank entertainment precinct.

Scape are also developing a neighbouring student accommodation building at 188 Vulture Street, 53 Tribune Street and Scape Toowong.

The DA number for this development is A004555540.

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  • there are to many of these student accommodation buildings being approved when they can’t fill them with legitimate students who is going to live there. These buildings will become the slums of the future. the owners don’t care who lives there as long as they receive there rental payments.

  • Fred Wolbers – Student accom is managed rooming accommodation run by multi-national companies. Do you worry the Hilton is going to suddenly become a slum? It’s no different.
    A change of use to residential would require approval through Council anyway, which couldn’t happen without changing the whole building operation.

  • “The owners don’t care as long as they receive their rental payments” is not a valid comment. From my experience Student Accommodation is often run at a better standard than most hotels. It often isn’t the students who inspect the rooms, but their parents and it is these parents who choose student accommodation like the one mentioned above because they care about the safety and comfort of their child. They are not going to allow their children to stay in places like this if they are not properly maintained, cared for or run appropriately. Companies running these buildings cannot afford to let them deteriorate as their business depends on it.

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