Introducing SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development

    SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development
    SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development

    For over 15 years, Brisbane Development has been reporting development application and infrastructure news across Brisbane, remaining completely free for all readers.

    We are now launching the next evolution of Brisbane Development and embarking on a brand new chapter.

    Today we have launched a new website called SEQ Site Seeker – a free local listings portal website sitting under Brisbane Development which is dedicated to property development sites for sale across the cities of South East Queensland.

    SEQ Site Seeker is different. It is a one-stop shop for development site sale listings in our fast growing region, uncovering development site opportunities that may not be seen on other platforms.

    SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development
    SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development

    You may have already noticed the homepage has changed a little. This is because SEQ Site Seeker will be fully integrated with Brisbane Development from homepage feature listings to Brisbane Development map integration.

    The steady growth of Brisbane Development web traffic for over a decade has allowed us to branch out and offer this exciting website extension.

    Our audience of property professionals are highly detailed and extremely property focused. This is why we believe SEQ Site Seeker will be a fantastic tool delivering quality opportunities for agents, developers and researchers.

    What is it exactly?

    The new website will appeal to agents, developers and researchers who are involved with property development. It is a listings portal designed to be simple, uncluttered and focused only on South East Queensland.

    Does this change Brisbane Development in any way?

    It is our strong belief that access to a website that delivers important development application information in a clear and concise manner should always remain free for all South East Queenslanders. There will be no paywall or limit on articles you can read. Brisbane Development will always remain free.

    SEQ Site Seeker by Brisbane Development

    The only difference is that occasionally, you will see cross-promotions of the two websites, whether it is on the homepage, development map or newsletters.

    Listings on SEQ Site Seeker

    Listings start as free base listings. If you are an agent and see a listing on the site, you can claim it so that your logo can be applied to the listing and you receive leads instantly for free.

    Any leads generated from unclaimed listings will be sent by SEQ Site Seeker to the agents involved with the sale.

    The site offers agents and vendors an opportunity to Supercharge a listing in order to get in front of a larger audience. This involves the listing being shown on the Brisbane Development homepage, integrated into the development map as a pink massing, appear in a weekly newsletters as well as other feature positions throughout SEQ Site Seeker.

    SEQ Site Seeker will improve and adapt to serve our visitors in the best way possible and offer a continuously enhanced user experience as we grow.

    If you would like to advertise with Brisbane Development, request your listing to be uploaded or request a media kit please contact us here.

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